My 16 Year Old Daughter Flirts With Me!

My 15 Year Old Daughter Flirts With Me and it arouses me.

Last time, I was at the kitchen table. She was on the livingroom sofa, with lose soft cotton shorts.

We were watching a movie, and I got up to go to the adjacent sofa she was laying on as it was getting late and I was done with work.

As I walked over to the living room, I noticed she spread her right leg slightly, and opened her short's leg opening, exposing her ligjt purple, mesh lingerie underwear.

The mesh was transparent enough for me to be able to see her count bump and for me to notice she had recently shaven.

I have no intention of making a move, but I will continue to enjoy the thrill of the provocative incidents and admiring her young body and her DD boobs.



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  • No, she never flirted with you. Like she has nothing better to do right?

  • Thats because at least one of us have a cock and not a pussy. Dip Shit this is the same ass hole that posted about his daughter going Victoria's Secret and getting two robes. That was fake and this is fake just like the micro dick loser who wrote it. The wanna be ass hole is an old man stuck in his mommies basement. Who could only dream of having pussy.

  • Quit complaining and get the fuck out of here you sorry ass mother fucker!!!

  • Who is the sorry ass mother fucker. The one who loves this disgusting posts or the one who posts their disgust towards these fucked up posts. Leave them children alone sick fucks.

  • If you don't like go elsewhere

  • Well said

  • Fuck you both incest pedo lovers

  • The pussyless morons whom posted before me are sad, but I do think you are a fake, unless she got older 🤔

  • Duh, you wouldn't even be here if you weren't spanking your monkey reading this stuff.

  • No we are here to wreck you spanking sessions. And by your comments it is working.😊

  • You can't even keep your lies straight is she 15 or 16 dumb ass.

  • Oh for the love of god will you quit posting this crap you twisted fuck. I pray that you aren't a parent for real.

  • Says the fat, bald, hairy, pedophile.

  • No the person that hates you for what you are and do. God you are so sick and pathetic. The only cure for you is death.

  • Even though you don't to be the to make the move you still be very affectionate towards her and maybe then she will be brave enough to make the move? Remember birth control

  • Go on with her and see how far she wants to proceed ..

  • My 20 year old stepdaughter walks around in short nighties and nothing else. The other day she bent over and I saw her entire sweet round ass and the lips of her shaved pussy. My cock got hard instantly. I wanted to walk up behind her and slip it in that tight slit.

  • What you can't be the grown up and tell her to put some fucking clothes on.

  • Wtf?

  • Always better to enjoy the view. If a move is going to be made, let her make it.

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