Groping and grabbing

Many years ago now, but, I had an almost daily thing for going to large malls, shopping centers, outdoor events, etc, looking for and even chasing after hot women who were alone, walking fast behind them, and getting in a full-handed ass grab and grope as I passed alongside of them, speeding up my walking to escape. Did the same if I saw a woman in a tight top or belly-baring shirt ahead of me. I'd speed up until pulling even with them as they were on my opposite side, sneak in a tits grab or hand-touch of their exposed midsection and navel, then speed up and head in the opposite direction they were going.

Thinking back, it's amazing how much of this, how many women, I got away with doing it to. It was well into the hundreds, I can say that. If I was on the road for work, there'd be at least 3-4 stops on the way or back home. There were even times I'd fixate on a hot woman who'd go into a clothing store, wait around for her on a bench or something, then go get her when she came out. No way in hell I'd do any of that now, but, back then..I got away with it all the time.

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  • My bestfriend and I have been getting groped by boys and men when we go shopping all the time. Short skirts and lace panties are the key I guess?

  • One of my wife's friends confessed to me one drunken night that she loves to be groped by strangers. She let a guy get her off in a standing room only portion of a dark and crowded concert once. She's been fingered in stairwells, felt up in elevators, she even had a guy touching her in a movie theater while her husband sat unknowingly next to her on the other side. Incredible!

  • This sounds so much like me. I love getting off from strangers. I got fucked at a concert once. At first it was just fingers, but I got so wet he stuck his dick in. Everyone was so in to the music, no one even noticed my skirt was up around my waist and this guy was balls deep in me from behind. He came in me, pulled out, I pulled down my skirt, and when I turned around I just saw him disappear in to the crowd. I also let a guy suck my tit in a movie theatre, and I jerked him off, right beside my sleeping boyfriend.

  • I did have a few smile or laugh after I did it, so, at least some were into it. Do remember one smoking-hot, tiny cutoff jeans shorts and yellow, navel-baring tank top, comment just as I was walking away maybe a few feet in front of her "Should see me in my bikini"..I was tempted to stop, but also figured maybe it was a trap to get me to stop so she could call security. I don't think so, though, as she seemed very free spirited and ok with her perfect ass being grabbed. I got her good, too.

  • That’s the kind of girl you slip a finger in her pussy when you grab that ass.

  • Boy's are always doing that kind of thing with me it's like so cool!

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