Two dads

Nearly all of my family and friends think of me as straight. And outwardly in society I am.
However last spring I met a new neighbour who changed my view of sex and myself.
His name is Eddie, but I now mostly call him 'daddy'.
Since last spring, I visit daddy every chance I get. His wife is disabled and knows only too well, we fuck when I call by.
It began after a job I did for him and his wife. I'd been serving as an apprentice carpenter for a couple of years with my father, and they wanted a new cupboard fitted out under the stairs to store a wheelchair and other disability items.
Finishing off the job after three days, Eddie's wife said he had something to offer me, as well as the money for the work.
Once I saw him naked stroking his long thick cock on his bed, I didn't hesitate.
He was, is, my first gay partner, yet I already knew I wanted to feel a man deep inside me. I wanted to be fucked, only I'd never had the opportunity, hiding my true sexuality to everyone I knew.
Eddie later said, it was easy for him to pick up on my vibes. And he'd spoken to his wife.
I wasn't the first young man to suck his dick or take his cock up their arsehole. And his wife unable to offer him any form of sex, is more than understanding of his needs. Indeed she's watched her husband fuck me on many occasions.
Walking over to the bed he once shared with his wife, I took hold of his thick cock shaft and instinctively lowered my head to suck on his gorgeous cock.
It was if I was born to suck cock. It was so natural for me and I soon had my neighbour moaning with delight.
Every single inch of his eight inch cock, I kissed, licked and sucked on. His balls too and at his request I also tongued his arsehole. It wasn't long after I'd tongued his hole and returned to sucking on his cock, that Eddie came in my mouth.
He shuddered a few times holding my head, then released me. Some of his cum had leaked out of the side of my mouth, so 'Daddy' scooped it up and had me lick it off his fingers.
It was as I licked the sticky cream from his fingers, he
said 'From now on, you call me 'Daddy'.
We didn't fuck that day, but it was only a matter of days until I felt his cock slide into my lubed up hole.
His wife watched on as her husband fucked me on their couch, and I could tell it wasn't the first time she'd seen her husband fuck another male.
I was no natural when it came to anal. It took more than a few attempts for his cock to enter my body. But once it did and the pain, wow there was pain, changed to utter pleasure, then I couldn't get enough of him fucking me.
If I had to describe the feeling of being fucked. It would have to be, its like having the build up to orgasm, but far more intense. And everytime I do cum with Daddy fucking me, it's like my whole body orgasms and the centre of that feeling is deep inside my fuckhole.
It so sublime I now crave the build up as my Daddy fucks me, then the internal explosion of my body as it orgasms so fiercely.
I've missed him incredibly during lockdown, but its better safe than sorry. Believe me, dildos are good (I secretly bought one online) but my Daddy's cock is much much better.

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  • One of my friends has two dads and one of um has been having sex with me when I stay over. It's cool but I'm scared that my friend's gonna find out.

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