Panty of work colleague

My wife, unaware of wearing my work colleague panties. Same size, colour and brand so I ask for those ones from her. What can I say I was tempted to try it and worked so far. I ask my work colleague for her clean or used panties to masturbate (ask for specific ones as they are the same ones my wife wears). But I started changing them around with my wife's pair and she wears them to work unaware. I just make sure they are not too stained. They both have a white pair too and my colleague worn them to yoga and that was covered in sweat and lots of white stains if you looked closely. I was nervous to change them. Wife hangs her panties in the bathroom so in the morning after shower she has a pair ready. I woke up for a piss and saw white panties as she was going be wearing white. I thought about it and then made the move and switched them, nervous as fuck and then next morning nervous as I heard the shower. My heart was pounding as I thought
she would see the white stains or something or smell them. I don't know but I was nervous. But after she got out she carried on getting ready. I got up at my usual time and I saw them on. Instant hard on.

I got horny seeing her wearing them. I ask my wife I want to rub your pussy with the panty on and I rubbed all that dirty pussy of my colleague on her pussy and then I had a quickie and I cummed alot and then she put the panty back on and went to work. Wearing it for the whole day and went to boot camp with them. I took them out of the laundry basket and masturbated as it had double pussy scent.

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