Kind of awkward personal question.

This isn't sexual, but for at least a couple of different reasons, I don't want to ask this on Facebook, which was my first idea.
A friend of my stepdad died back in '11, and he left behind a storage unit containing stuff he'd largely made it clear he wanted stepdad to have. I went along, on the promise of getting anything stepdad didn't have room for; the three of us shared an appreciation for sword collecting, so there were plenty of those, plus a bunch of other stuff, some going into stepdad's already large collection, anything fantasy themed and anything he already had going to my comparatively small collection. It was basically Christmas for both of us. One of the "fantasy" pieces I got was a paperweight, not a sword, with a chrome skull on it. I didn't know what it was, I just assumed it was the logo of a well known motorcycle accessory maker, because stepdad's friend was also big into motorcycles. However, my nephew spotted it recently and identified it as an iron cross, a Nazi officer's decoration. I've looked up the actual medal, and the medal didn't have a skull in the middle of it, but otherwise yes; that's what this is, down to the black and silver color scheme. My question is, have there ever been any manufacturers who used an Iron Cross with a skull in the middle as a logo, or was my stepdad's friend using Nazi memorabilia as a paperweight?

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  • The Iron Cross is a symbol of bravery that dated WAY back to the Napoleonic Wars. People mistake it for a Nazi symbol since they still used it for it's military tradition. So, you're good, don't worry about it.

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  • Nazi memorabilia was highly collectible by WW2 veterans. So was Japanese war stuff. You might try and sell it.

  • Could be who cares it only has power if you give it
    if you like it keep it and if anyone has a problem they can fuck off it doesn't make you a bad person to like it doesn't mean you like or support nazi's
    also just keep looking on different sites could just be a similar design

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