I let my father in law do anything

I have no idea why but about five years ago while my in laws were over my FIL patted me on the rear end while telling me something and I did not have an issue with it. It was not just a simple hand tap either, he touched it like three to four times and on the last one he left his hand on me and gave a few squeezes. He then started doing it whenever he could and this went on for some time until one evening after he and my husband had finished up a project he told me that I had such a lovely bottom. I told him thanks and then for some reason I told him that he could come over during the day anytime and see it. They are retired and I am home all day so he just had to come up with some reason he was leaving for a few hours and he came over a few days later.
He was like a little kid kneeling behind me just running his hands all over my rear, I was just standing there with my hands on the counter letting him do what he wanted. I felt his fingers slide up to the top of my pants and he began to slowly pull down on them, when I gave no resisitance he pulled them all the way down to my ankles. I stepped out of them and leaned down resting my elbows on the counter while he began to kiss and lick my cheeks. He licks all of me from behind usually, he loves it when I stand or lean over something, he buries his face into me and sometimes I can feel his nose pushing into my ass. I think I like the feeling of being devoured because he does just that to me. He also enjoys having me just sit right down on his face, he will lay on the floor or bed and tell me to just sit right down. When I do his tongue licks all of me and he will twist around breathing heavily while I slide around on him.
The first time he entered me he was moaning out that he could not believe I was so tight after having two kids and again he loves to mount me from behind, actually I do not think we have ever had sex facing each other. He always tells me how great my ass looks bouncing as he pounds himself into me. I know all of this is terribly wrong and I have no idea why he turns me on so much, I still get turned on with my husband as well, the two of them are just great lovers. I have had days where both of them have had sex with me only a few hours apart.

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    • My FIL has been my daytime lover for the past 4 years. He knows exactly how to get to me and I become putty in his big hands and it isn't long toll he fucking me anywhere in the house even in our back yard, in our underground pool.
      To bad my husband don't have his cock and his stamina.

    • Filthy little slut.

    • Yeah, what do they call that? WHORE!

    • That's hot. My FIL and I have flirted for well over a decade and a half, but the most we've done is open-mouth kissing and the occasional feeling each other up. He did get me off that way once, though.

    • My father in law is obsessed with my butt too! We've not had sex but he will stick a finger up my butt and insist I use it as a stool!

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