No big deal

I was raped when i was12
I never told anyone and was more scared someone would find out.
Same guy did it again 5 months later.
Again no one found out.
When i was 19 he came on to me and we had a affair for 4 years
Last year he was helping my husband work in garage. My husband had to go to work and left him to finish. We fucked several times before he went home.
Yes i felt guilty but i will the next time we are alone. Im his and i will never tell anyone and i will always do what he wants

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  • When I was 12 1/2, almost 13, I let a molester pick me up in his car. His pick up line was so lame I thought he was an idiot. I let him because I was bored and felt willing to be used like that in that moment. A lot of my friends claimed to have been sexually abused but they griped about it in a boastful way. I wanted my turn and hoped it would be as fun as it sounded.

    It wasn't nearly as fun as I hoped. A lot of sex stuff is gross. We did everything in the naughty book and I was grossed out and in a lot of pain before we were close to done. I felt like stopping him, curling up into a ball and crying. His mood darkened as I became less cooperative and I suddenly felt worried about staying alive. I wanted to live. So I decided to put down my pain and negative feelings and tried my best to be a good sport. Soon my attitude change was working on him. Since it was working I put on my best charm as I could.

    When we were done I thanked him for a great first time (even though it wasn't). I asked him if I could help him pick his next girl. I quickly added I had a girl friend that would love to be next. He looked really surprised. I didn't have anyone in mind. It was just something that came to my mind to help make sure I lived long enough to get away. It worked.

    We picked a park to meet up next time. He'd only approach me if he saw me there. I avoided that park but never told on him. When I was in High School he got caught and went to prison for doing it to another girl.

  • Bull shit story.

  • Go join the Me Too Movement and cry there sick fuck!

  • Doesn't sound like rape to me

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