Period and pad kink

So I have always been interested in girls periods. Knowing when a lady is on and wondering if she uses pads or tampons excites me.
When I was a teenager I was with a girl who lived some distance away so we would meet at the weekends and make the most of any time we had. One of these times she was on her period and at first she was hesitant but I began by rubbing her over her pad.
She was loving it and after a few minutes she asked if I would put my fingers inside her knickers. In I went and I began to slide over her clit. Her moans, the wetness and the taboo nature of the situation had my cock throbbing and my kink was born from that moment.
In the following years I had sex and went down on ladies during their periods and still love to do these things.
I have also used used sanitary pads from various sources to sniff and wank in. One of the hotist experiences was an exes sisters.

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  • Okay then if that is what gets ya off..
    first night I met my husband I was on mine and he asked if he could go down I said sure but I'm raggin he went there anyway and asked if I was sure LOL
    one time he put a used tampon in his mouth but it was just to gross me out anyways he didn't skip it ever so we have done it a lot during this time
    now I don't do it on my campy day and bloodyist days but will the rest

  • Thanks for sharing. Yeah if a lady has cramps I totally get why she wouldn’t be in the mood. Sounds like it doesn’t stop you both from having fun. Does sex feel different during your period?

  • Yeah a little different it's wetter feeling and kinda slick sometimes, I play with my clit and cum sometimes "I cum blood" always goes threw my head :)
    he likes to look after and say yep you've got a ring around your pussy, he has to wash up after though cause hes un cut if he leaves it there he has before he smells like something dead the next day lol

  • Haha same for me but I mostly wait till the next day. Are you a pad or tampon user?

  • Both have to have the pad for when tampon gives out, it also gets to a sticky stage and makes fucking kind of sticky

  • You use both. Your periods must be very heavy? Do you like sex when it gets to the sticky stage?

  • Yeah its good feels a little odd when its sticky, day 2 an 3 are the heaviest the rest its not so bad and I can go with just a tampon or pad, the generic tampons are crap though and not worth buying I'm lucky if they will last me 45min before having to change them so I buy name brands they last close to 2hrs..

  • Thanks for this. Heavy enough so. Yeah named brands are best. Do you prefer pads or tampons? Yeah my gf is the same on days 2 and 3. when you next due your period?

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