Brotherly Love

I am male. My younger brother was the first I sucked. He was 6 at the time and myself 9. We were walking through the woods and stopped to piss, he managed to catch his penis in his zipper. Well he was scared and upset and I wanted to fix the problem. So I kneeled in front him and looked carefully. We both are circumcised but have plenty loose skin. He caught that in his zipped just under the head. I counted to 3 and jerked the zipper down as I popped my mouth over his penis and started sucking. My thought was same as you mashed your stick it in your mouth. Well he stopped crying and his penis got hard. Later that night during our shower we talked about it and decided to try it again. Well, I am 44 and he is 41 now. Both married with kids and we still find time ocassionally to suck each other off. Its awesome!

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