For several months I have has this desire to watch another guy with my waif but she at first wouldn't even talk about it until one day she told me she would but first she wanted to watch me with a guy.
We laughed about that but several days later she brought it up because I like anal and she always hates it when I do her that way and she said I want you to know how it feels so if you agree I will let you have your way.
Well I was ready to throw in the towel because there was no way I was going to let some guy stick his cock up my ass but Linda was having fun now telling me hey you might like it.
This went on for awhile then one evening after dinner and the kids were in bed she said she wanted to show me something and took me into the computer room and opened it up to a Shemale site and god some of these guys were beautiful and most of them ad huge cocks.
Right away I knew what she was doing and I shook my head side to side saying No NO fucking way but she was laughing having some fun pointing at several different well she males I guess you could call them teasing me now and she knows that I love tits and some of them had world class tits and I found myself wondering what it would feel like if I agreed to do it and as she pointed out the guys with adds I rejected them because they had big cocks so she looked around and found a gal with a cock no bigger than mine and she did look nice and by now I was really wondering if I could do it so I asked if I do then you will do it for me ?? and she jumped on it she must have really been thinking about it for awhile. Sone we answered the add since he-she lived close enough for us to do it in one day and we traded nude picks and he-she was looking better and better all the time now and he-she was excited to because my ass was virgin and she wanted to feel a tight bunghole
Things were going very quickly now because Linda had taken over now planning my grand opening as she called it and before I knew it she arranged for us to drive up to Davis to his - Her apartment for the get together.
Saturday was just two days away so That night Linda decided to open me up with her 5 inch plastic vibrator and it went in all right since it was smooth but it felt like I had to go to the bathroom and even after she turned the vibrator on I couldn't really get excited it hurt more than feeling good but I was thinking about when I was going to be watching her with a guy if I did this.
He - she showed us a health certificate showing that he was free of any transmittable problems but I insisted that he had to wear a rubber anyway and then Linda took over again and I just sat there listening to them discuss my potential and I was getting a little uncomfortable with the way he was looking at me I felt like a prime rib cooking on the stove .
He asked me if I wanted it doggie fashion or face to face he said if we did it face to face his cock head would rub my prostrate gland and maybe I would cum to I just wanted to get this over with so I could fix her up with a guy that has a monster cock so I undressed and he has me sit on a kitchen table chair then he laid a pillow in between my legs and I felt really weird looking at his breasts and to my shame I started to get hard.
He actually had a very pretty face as he worked anal lube up into my anus and he pulled his rubber over his cock head and lubed it down to and Linda was watching with a silly grin and he lifted my legs over his shoulders and I felt silly as his cock head settled in the opening of my anus and he said this might hurt a little at first as he added pressure and as soon as his cock heads started to open me up I yelped and said stop and he did god that hurt and Linda said pussy now do you understand why I don't like it and he tried again adding more pressure and again I was gritting my teeth it hurt so bad and I was telling him to stop but Linda said shove it in for Christ sake and he did and his cock head slipped into me and I felt my anus clinch tight and Linda was saying just relax hon just relax but it hurt really bad but when he started to move now slowly at first then faster and I felt his cock going deeper and deeper into me then I began to relax a little and he said damn you have one tight asshole Larry it feels fantastic I was just wanting him to cum now but it wasn't hurting so much now and as he continued he asked if I could feel his cock head rubbing my prostrate gland because he said he could so I concentrated and I realized that I could and it was beginning to feel good. My cock had gone from hard to soft after he per nitrated me but now it was starting to fill up and my cock was getting hard again and I was really getting to feel the start of an orgasm.
Linda was laughing watching my cock bounce around with the force of his thrusts and she asked if I was going to cum but I couldn't answer damn it was really feeling good now and i was afraid to touch my cock Linda was excited talking to him and he was grunting with effort I was thinking I am going to cum shit I am going to cum and Linda must have been watching as my cock started to squirt all over jerking back and forth with each shot.
She squealed in delight shouting he is Cumming fuck he is Cumming look you made him cum I was out of breath and my lungs were starving for air as I gasped huge breath of air then he asked can I take the rubber off and just stick my cock head in you and cum ??? Linda said yes do it and he quickly pulled his cock our stripping his rubber off the he gamed his dick head back into me and he started frantically jerking his cock until he came and I could feel his cum pass through his cock as he came.
For several days after that my asshole itched like crazy and Linda got a kick out of it until I showed her the picture of the guy I wanted her to fuck. I was thinking that now we could do this from time to time and then the Virus hit and we have been in lockdown

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