My girlfriend and I enjoy having sex and we both love murtual masterbation
Touching each other with lube and exploring each other’s body and sensual private areas we also masterbate in front of each other. She was on at that time of the month and had a tampon inside her vagina. I was fingering her pussy so deep and intense the tampon got stuck she couldn’t get it out. She was so embarrassed to ask me for help. I decided to help her and used lots of lube and I stuck two finger in her lovely pink vagina. It was a struggle but I managed to get it out. So I expired deep inside her love hole and I loved it

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  • I could see that happening. Once my girlfriend, now my wife, had sex while she was on her period. She always wore 2 super size tampons, to keep from leaking. Well needless to say I managed to shove both of them, strings and all, all the way up in her. Well after I blew my load and pulled out, she when to insert two tampons, not realizing that she forgot to remove the other two before we fucked. Well she couldn't figure out why she couldn't insert them then it dawned on her. I never said she was the brightest bulb in the box. Well we both started laughing, but I almost lost it and cam agsin right there, when she inserted her intire hand into pussy grabbed those two tampons and pulled them out. Easily the putting your hand in a bag of chips and pulling out a hand full.
    Since this time I have watched my wife fuck herself with some massive dildo, good think her asshole is still tight, or I would never be able to touch the sides. Lol.

  • She must have some velcro vagina walls for a tampon to get stuck in there. And more importantly, why the fuck are you finger banging a chick on the rag?

  • “Expired deep in her love hole” omg what an odd turn of phrase

  • Didn’t happen

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