My wife blew my mind

We are retired and I am in my fifties, she is in her forties. We were out west looking at homes to buy and staying in a rental house. We were waiting for the cable person to show up and my wife starts telling me about a fantasy she has always had about a stranger having sex with her. I told her that sounded really hot and maybe we could role play it some time but she looked at me and asked me if I would mind letting the installer do it today. I did not know what to say and told her it would be really hot if I could watch some how but would she really feel safe doing it here alone. She got up and wandered around the house then called me into the bedroom, she was looking at the closet doors in the master and told me I could hide behind those and watch thru the opening. I looked at her again and told her that I would run out really quickly and get some condoms, she smiled at me and told me to be quick. I was back in plenty of time and she had changed her clothes wearing just a long plain t-shirt without a bra and a pair of panties. We waited for the installer to show up and I could tell she was really excited to do this, she kept looking towards the door with every sound she heard outside. I finally saw the van pull up and park in front of the house and looked at her one last time and asked her if she still wanted to do this, she nodded up and down so I headed to the closet and adjusted one of the doors out some to give me a better view of the room. One of the boxes was getting hooked up in there so I knew they would be in the room for sure. I heard her welcoming him into the house, I could tell she was a little nervous just from the sound of her voice. It took a long time for him to come into the bedroom and she showed him where she thought the cable wall hook up was at. She was bending over a bit and I could see him lowering his head to get a view up the rear of her shirt. He walked right past the closet around the bed to the corner and she backed up towards the bathroom. She then told him something about wanting to go to the kitchen for a minute. He was down on the floor and when she walked by him he looked straight up the back of her tshirt. She came back several minutes later and sat on the edge of the bed with her knees towards him and it did not take long at all, she asked him if he was married and when he turned and looked at her she had her legs apart several inches giving him a view of her panties I thought until he started crawling to the edge of the bed planting his face right into her. She had gone out and removed them leaving herself totally exposed, he pushed her more onto the bed but kept kneeling on the floor as he devoured her pussy. She spread her legs wider and began running her fingers thru his hair and moaning out, after a few minutes of licking her his hands went up her body under the shirt and I could see him playing with her nipples. She pulled the shirt up and off then looked over towards the closet doors but she could not tell where I was standing. I had a sideways view for the show and watched as she got pleasured for about forty five minutes, the man was definitely into licking pussy and gave her two orgasms before he even dropped his pants. But even then he told her that he just wanted a blow job and she asked him to lay down on the bed. He laid back with his head towards me just dropping his pants to his ankles while she climbed on top of him and started sucking him off. He came fairly quickly because for one she is great at giving blow jobs and second probably from all the excitement. He told her she was really hot as she finished him off then pulled up his pants and went back to work, I was amazed that she did not put the tshirt back on and sat on the bed while he finished up the hook up. He walked out and told her he was going to finish up in the living room and she followed him out smiling towards the closet doors again. I could not believe she was staying naked and walking around the house with him. I could not hear them at all so I crept out of the closet and looked over at the TV, it was all hooked up but he had not turned it on yet and I knew he would do that before leaving. I slowly looked down the hallway and figured that if he spotted me it would ruin it for her so I went back to the closet and waited. Sure enough he came back into the room again and turned on everything with the remote setting it all up for her, she was still naked standing in the doorway. They walked back out again after turning it off and I came out of the closet again. I walked back out into the hallway again and could just hear them talking while I stood in the other bedroom. She thanked him for hooking up the cable and internet and he told her no thank you for a great day of sex. He then asked her if she would be willing to fulfill a fantasy of his besides what she had already done. She laughed a little bit and told him as long as it was nothing that would hurt her she was game, he told her great and told her he would be right back after going back out to his van. I looked out the bedroom window and watched him getting some stuff from it then returning with another bag. I walked down the hallway back to the master and got into the closet but they never returned, it was probably about twenty minutes or more when I heard her call out my name, not in a scared way but more like a playful tone. I walked down the hallway not knowing what to expect because I also did not hear him leave. I came into the room and she was zip tied spread eagle to the coffee table, her face was wet and she had sperm on her breasts and neck. It turned out that she did tell him she was married but I was playing golf so his fantasy was to tie her up and leave her knowing that she had cheated on me.
It was now my turn to surprise her as I stood there looking at her tied up with his cum on her, I looked at her pussy and did not see anything dripping out of her so I started fingering her trying to make sure, I have licked her a few times after I have cum in it but I was not to excited to lick up another mans sperm. I felt pretty sure and she even told me that she never even had intercourse with him. I leaned down and began licking her and she began squirming around telling me she was really sensitive from all the attention he gave her, she asked me if it was okay to just give me a blow job instead, I could even leave her tied up for it. I brought my cock around to her mouth and she began sucking on it, I watched as his sperm moved around on her breasts thinking I was a lucky guy to have a wife so adventurous. I started cumming and pushed myself in deeper making her gag a little bit, it was fantasy day after all and she needed some more cum on her face.

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  • I think older women just get looser with sex, my wife is the same way and loves to suck off delivery drivers. I get the food from them while they stare at me looking back at her kneeling on the floor waiting for them to drop there pants. We had one guy return and when he came into the foyer area he looked around and saw her, he looked at me and told me he was hoping this was going to happen when he saw the house. I asked him what time he got off work because I had an idea. I tied her to a bed in the spare bedroom spread wide and anything available to him, I listened to her moaning and having orgasms for about an hour. He left the house telling me that anytime I needed anything from him to just call him, he left me his cell number. She came downstairs and told me that she had a great time and he was awesome, she kneeled down between my feet and sucked me off. She was kneeling down and I looked at the dozen or so hickeys on her breasts, I guess he really liked sucking on hers.

  • Now that you have started this you should go for it. My husband and I started doing this as soon as the kids left for college. I had never been with another man before but once the kids left home I was always so horny. I have always thought black men were sexy so I confessed to my husband. To my surprise he has very turned on. So over the last 5 years or so I have had sex with 16 different black men. My husband has cameras set up and he can watch from outside of our bedroom window. He loves for me to go out and pick up a black guy and bring them home so he can watch. I always tell them I am married and my husband is working out of town. He watches them have there way with me and he tells me to let them cum inside of me. Once they are gone he comes in and always goes down on me before he fucks me. He cums very fast because he is so turned on but that's ok because I am usually worn out from the guy that just finished with me. I have even had sex with two men at a time and my husband says that was his favorite.

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