A few months ago, my wife told me she wishes to be fat. I can't explain it, but I honestly get turned on watching her eat unhealthy foods like a slob. It is so hot. I even get to feed her sometimes. I have loved watching her transform from a skinny elegant lady to a gross fat slob.

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  • Why do you want that? I'm not talking about looks, I'm saying health wise. Obesity is killing people, overweight people are risk of diabetes, heart disease and a whole host of problems. Even Covid-19 is worse on overweight people. If you love your wife get her help. I want to live with my wife not bury her.

  • Shut up and let op be happy

  • I bet she's a better fuck now too. Fat chicks always are.

  • Feeding a thin woman who wants to get fat is such a turn-on. Gainers are so fucking hot. I love watching them get wider and thicker and softer. My cock is getting hard just thinking about flabby bellies, big asses and jiggly fat rolls.

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