Relationship help

Just need some help and communication if your open.

I am 6’,1”, athletic, educated with a great profession. I am attractive and I have very good communication skills. I’m not rich but so make a great living and earn over $100,000. I don’t have any issue finding quality women to date but I have struggled with telling about a fantasy (reality would be more accurate) to enjoy it together out of fear over how it would be received.

I was molested by my aunt and uncle (Started out just watching) from 7 - 11 until they moved to TX.

It started with just hugging and a kiss good night but evolved to full sex while my uncle watched. They made my same age cousin blow me and my older female cousin fuck me.

He wanted to keep me happy and quiet so everything I did was enjoyable and memorable. I often think about it during sex and wish I could share it.

My uncle directed most of the activity.

He loved watching me cum (once I could) and especially enjoyed talking to his kids why they did things to me.

Sometimes my weekends there were spent entirely fucking my female cousin, aunt or being blown. I became addicted to going there and missed it terribly when I couldn’t.

I am now an educated professional. I am doing great in life and ready to settle down in a relationship and get married. Problem is I often cum when thinking about how hot it was to be molested and recall events that happened to me.

I’ve tried but can’t get it out of my mind! I date professionals who are more vanilla but I recognize I want to find someone I can share my history with and allowing fantasies about it be apart of our life. I don’t need to date a professional and I am open minded as to personalities I am attracted too.

First if your interested send me an email to One2knowinkc1 (at) gmail .com. No spaces of course. ;)
I am also wanting someone who can present themselves as very family orientated. My mom, dad and brothers have no idea what happened to me. We are a very close family and do at least one vacation together each year. We all live in the Midwest.

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