In car playing

I started a night new job about 5 years ago and discovered on day that my half hour drive home from work is just about the enough time to masturbate and relieve the days stress.

I started doing it one day out of sheer boredom and now I can’t stop. On one occasion I even let the guy in the van next to me watch me do it. I just stared straight ahead and concentrated on what I was doing.

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  • My ex wife used to tell me her stories of doing it for truckers when we shared pillow talk on horny nights together.. she’d pulled one whole leg out from her pants so she could spread her legs apart.. then she’d open the moon roof in her red Honda Accord... the 80’s style... driving along side the trucks cab so they can watch... she said some of them would honk their horn when she came...

  • As a long distance truck driver I must be blind. Never seen that only I seen is the side of a leg and arm because thats pretty much all you see in a truck as the roof blocks your view. If you are on my drivers side I can barley see the driver. If you on my passenger side I can only see the car in the mirrors. Had a truck with a lower window in the passenger side door. But have to be lined up very well to see you doing that. Old bull shit myth.

  • Oh and the sun roof same thing have to be lined up just right or you don't see nothin. Never saw anyone playing in a convertible.

  • Thats hot.

    I use to listen to and glance at porn omw home and be super worked up for my husband when I got there. The sound would play through bluetooth in the car. Im not for driving and watching videos so just glancing down to see what they are doing at red lights/stop signs and then visualizing the rest of what Im hearing as I drive. I swear I wouldn't look long - I keep my eyes on the road and a safe driver. Besides, I loved to visualize my own interpretation of what Im hearing with my husband or other men in my life if there was more than one man in the video.

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