Holiday fun

My wife and I were on holiday in Cyprus. It was early evening and there were few people left on the small local beach. We had our two young children and got talking with a couple who had a toddler and a baby. She was stunning. Topless and despite being about 32 had amazing hangers. To this day I still dream of them!

We had been sitting on the sand For about an hour watching the kids play and chatting and my son was getting tired so my wife said she was going to take him back to our villa. To my surprise bare breasted woman’s husband said he should take their youngest back too and I was suddenly alone with this lady and her amazing tits.

We Lay on the beach sort of facing each other and chatted normally for a while but it was really difficult to keep my eyes on her face. She caught me looking a couple of times and I feel embarrassed so on the third time I said “please don’t be offended but I keep getting distracted. It’s not often I chat with someone who has their breasts on show”.

I thought she might leave but told me not to worry and that I was showing a little something myself as she pointed at the bulge in my shorts. (Not sure I liked the “little”!) She glanced over my shoulder to where our kids were playing together and as I turned to look over my shoulder she placed her hand on my shorts and squeezed my cock. Oh my god it felt good.

Still watching the children over my shoulder her hand slid into my shorts and she lay there massaging my balls and cock. It wasn’t even a handjob really, she just kept caressing me.

I was lying on a beach with this gorgeous woman I had met an hour before with her hand on my cock! I really couldn’t believe it.

As she lay there she started asking about my wife. What she liked to do in bed, was she adventurous (sometimes), did she swallow (yes), did she like sleeping with girls (no), did she like being rimmed (Yes). Of course the more she asked the more excited I got thinking about those things.

Then the lightning bolt! She told me her and her husband liked to try and seduce couples on vacation. They had done it several times before having children but this was the first time in 5 years. They had seen us on the beach the day before and come up with this plan to Gradually see if we might be interested in a foursome but weren’t expecting us to be apart and had taken this opportunity to work on us individually.

She whispered “I wonder if your wife gave in as easy as you have. My urge was to grab my daughter and run back to our villa but she had me by the balls - literally. She told my me not to worry and that her husband wouldn’t fuck her. It was one of their rules. “The worst he would do is go down on her. He loves the squelching” she giggled. “And his favourite thing is giving rimjobs” she added.

What she didn’t know was that my wife doesn’t do that very often but when I do that to her she goes completely crazy for cock. I mean proper desperate! I have seen her give herself a full facial whilst sitting on my face and then massage my cum into her face, hair and tits telling me to get hard again quickly “ because I need your cock in my ass before I cum”

Now I am seriously worried although to be honest, most men like the THOUGHT of their wife with another man. REALITY is a whole different thing.

I brought myself back to reality thinking that they had both gone off in slightly different directions with tired children so the likelihood they had done anything was almost impossible. Anyway, my wife is I am sure very faithful.

My new found friend was now teasing me even more as she had subtly pulled her bikini bottoms very slightly to one side so I could see a little of her pussy. “You can touch me if you want” she said. I was so close to cumming now I didn’t reply and brushing my fingers over her fantastic nipple as I I was reaching behind her, I put one finger inside her moist pussy.

She moaned a little and I came in her hand. Taking her hand out of my shorts she rubbed my cum on her breasts and a little in her mouth before saying “I wonder if your wife is doing the same?”

We parted a few minutes later and went back tour our respective partners. My wife never mentioned anything so as far as I know she went straight back to the villa. She may of course have fucked his brains out. I guess I won’t ever know.

We did do anal the following morning though.....

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