They All Watch

I'm a gayboy in high school who's not openly gay. I suspect some believe I am gay due to me being born androgenous and having a femininity about me. It seems that other's often stare at me. This past year at school I noticed other boy's looking at me when in the gyms locker room, bath room and other places. It seems to me like most of these boy's are straight and not gay. I've started to let them see me fully naked in the locker room, even taking my time while dressing. When other boys' are few, a boy or two will even stare getting me aroused causing me to dress fast. I now will purposefully let a boy or two, three yesterday see me even semi hard. These three boy's were fast to dress and private about it, but took quick looks at me. Lately I even bend over naked close to other boy's when few are around, they say nothing but I know they look. Boy's with girlfriends' look also. Lately when on the train with another boy close by, I kinda let him see me touching myself, even taking my hard penis out, this boy liked watching me. I become sexually aroused exposing myself like this to other boy's mostly, some girl's watch me also and I don't mind. My question is this, should I stop doing this purposefully knowing other's are watching, even though I know they like looking...? I have this thought that I want another boy or boy's to do me in the trains back row where it's more private, kinda wanting other's to know what the boy(s) are doing to me. Would this be wrong to let other's kinda see or suspect what I would be doing...? Curious about your thoughts so feel free to make any comments.

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