Young wife and pervy older builder

My mrs is a busty 30 year old and me mid 40s when we got together with me she said she prefers older men, didnt think to much of it until a builder friend of mine was doing work at ours and hes typical mid 50s craggy builder who had stories of women on jobs etc, anyway second day in i walked in the kitchen and he was blatantly checking her arse out in her tight leggings which aroused me, days went by i told the mrs what i saw and she admitted whenever he talked to her while i was out he was talking to her DDs or fanny 1which annoyed her she said, i brought his fascination with her up in bed and we had red hot sex she was writhing around loving it, i asked to wear low tops,skirts etc wen he was around and i was i which really turned me on and him im sure, now i have a thing for older men fancying and doing whatever over my wife which ive told her about

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  • I'd love to see to your busty wife

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