So This Is How It Started....

No condoms, with double penetration. We guessed that we would be inundated with responses to our recently posted online profile - especially as we specifically stated we only partake in bare-back sex. Nevertheless, how many men can really handle it when their cock makes physically contact with another whilst penetrating a tight wet pussy? You would be surprised, as we were.

From our perspective, there is nothing that we hadn’t already discussed. Nevertheless, I was more than prepared to share my secret lust - approaching the subject was somewhat daunting. Nonetheless, this was more to do with my hang-ups than expressing them with my partner.

Just how did I express these desires to my wife? To tell her that I fantasised about letting somebody else join us… sexually, and no, not the stereotypical lipstick lesbian scenario. It just doesn’t stimulate my mind or my cock. For me, I love nothing more than making my partner orgasm, and this is where I gain the most satisfaction or pleasure - by pleasuring my wife. So, to tell her that I wanted to see her become a shared wife, well I had to be diplomatic. As just how to put across to your partner that not only did you want to have somebody else partake and join us for sex. But, that you not only want to double penetrate her - in her pussy, and that - No protection was necessary. The thought of creampies are what makes me very horny.

Sex toys had always been something the wife had always enjoyed, and they have very much become a staple of our sex life and I actively encourage her to use them on herself during our sex sessions. While she is busy massaging her cliterous, I have another vibrator pushing for her G-spot, all while the motor tingles her pussy and spasms against my cock. We both very much enjoy double penetration, I also love the feeling of her wet and willing pussy and the snugness and filling that double penetration provides. In-fact I really get off on this sensation as the change in pitch and tempo to the HotWife’s breathing provides a clear indication, that the feeling is mutual. As time has progressed, so has the length of the vibrators, but she is no way naive. Although there are no complaints from the HotWife about the size of my appendage. However, my intention is for her to enjoy cocks of a multitude of sizes, with the emphasis being on larger cocks. As I increased the size of vibrators I purchased for her, it was clearly evident to the HotWife of my intentions. Unperturbed by none of my lustful wishes, we took everything one-step at a time. I get immense enjoyment and pleasure from feeling how wet the HotWife has become when double penetrating her with both my cock and a vibrator buried deep inside her pussy. The stimulations along my shaft is an added bonus. Plus knowing how much the HotWife enjoys fucking like this encourages further dirty sex with plenty of descriptive dirty talk. Expressing the graphic details of the HotWife being restrained and blindfolded and submitting to just utilising her touch really stimulates her. As I tell her that I’m going to take her to be fucked and that we will be coming inside her pussy is a regular theme and something that always brings her to orgasm.

Nevertheless, the radiating warmth her pussy extenuates, when covering my cock in her juices, should never be used as a basis or guide to the sensations encountered in fucking the HotWife, after she has just been on the receiving end of a hot and filling creampie. The initial awareness, that the HotWife’s pussy has just been subjected to a very large creampie, created hesitancy on my behalf, but, this was counteracted as quickly it had risen. As the evening gathered momentum, and with the HotWife still shackled to the bed, by her hands and feet. Her shear babydoll ruffled up of her taught tummy, clearly exposing her recently shaven pussy - which had just been subjected to the mouth and tongue of our recently acquainted friend. The other - whom had just watched the HotWife expertly take his shaft in her willing mouth - and I both simultaneously had turned or heads towards the HotWife’s semi clad torso, obviously the intentions from either of us was to get to taste that warm pussy once again. Nevertheless, we were powerless, as we watched the HotWife’s pussy being subjected to feeling his cock for the first time, as he rubbed the tip along her pussy whilst using his hand to flick her clit. Without further ado, and within a swift motion, his pelvis had pushed the tip further inside her. Inching further inside with every motion. I was transfixed on his cock pushing into the depths of her pussy. While the HotWife - blindfolded since early evening, had little inkling as to who was penetrating her pussy - without a condom. What a turn-on seeing her getting fucked was - and my erection was throwing, harder and harder. Although I was transfixed on seeing the HotWife getting fucked - I wanted to also be inside her and feel her just fucked pussy around my cock. My opportunity came sooner than I had thought it would, as although his sped-up thrust should have registered somewhere in my brain - that he was about to cum. It simply failed to so as I was also enjoying the HotWife stroking my cock. Nevertheless, as his body’s momentum rescinded, he withdrew his cum covered cock from her pussy.


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  • My best friend and I have shared many women in threesomes, were not gay or bisexual, I've held his cock in my hand and vice versa, our cocks have been in the same pussy at the same time lots of times. The first time we did a double vagina penetration it was a little strange and awkward for our cocks to be touching and sliding against each other. But its for the women mostly, it's a not the most satisfying sensation for the guys. And if it's the women's first time or she is to tight, It's painful for the guys.

  • Nevertheless I quit reading myself a 1/3 into it

  • That was and still is my biggest fantasy to make my wife orgasm with 2 cocks in her willing wet pussy. It took me a while to get her to do that but now she loves it and orgasms so hard every time. I love hearing my wife moan with pleasure

  • Double vag penetration is nice but the positioning is difficult. I prefer anal and vag dp

  • That was terrible! My eyes burn!

  • Turn up the AC. Cool that HotWife down a little.

  • You said hotwife 15 times. It was awful.

  • No wayyyy i stopped reading the shite when i saw hot wife for the 4th time

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