Childhood Secret

When I was a little boy our mother caught me and my brother having sex. But when she came in the room my brother didn't stop fucking me! She stood there saying you shouldn't do that you shouldn't do that. He just laughed at her and told her to look at his cock while he plunged it into me even harder. She left the room but he called her back in to watch while he shot a load of cum into me! From then on he didn't hide it from her at all. She would come into the kitchen to find him eating lunch while I was under the table slurping on his cock. He would announce that he was going to take a shower and come into my room and get me to go in there with him where he'd fuck me noisily. Basically, I didn't have any say in the matter. My mom never did anything even though my brother fucked me in front of her a hundred times! I guess she couldn't turn in her son even for raping her other son. As a result my childhood was spent with my brother's cock in my mouth and up my ass while she just watched and did nothing.

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  • My mother has a vibrator and she's constantly using it because dad's with someone else. I heard her call my name and I cannot help bit feel sorry for her. I'm so lonely too. It's all for the best she says....

  • Was it consensual? Did you enjoy it? If so then no problems. Alot of siblings experiment and it does no harm.

  • What is your relationship with your brother like today?

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