Neck twisting fetish

Im a straight female an I have a crazy weird fetish for womens neck especially if its flexible, but its not just a regular neck admiring. I love it when a female can twist her neck the farther the better and if there is cracking in the twisting is always a plus. An i want more females to find their weird kinky side and try out my fetish. Cause there's hardly any videos about what I'm into and I hate that. I only got a few videos of some females doing what I like on IG but I really want more, but it so hard to find females into it and willing to try it out.

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  • There are no words for a sick twisted individual like yourself. Get help you and fast.

  • Oh please there are way worse things out there that people are into that ive read on here than what she likes go tell everyone else here to go get help too.

  • Exactly if they think this bad they must not have read anything else on here.

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