OMG he is hot

I'm married, 27[f], and went to a coworker's house over the weekend to work on a project for a presentation we had to do on Monday. We're friends, but not too close. This was the first time I had visited her home.

I went over and omg, her husband is so attractive. When she introduced me to him, I had that butterflies turning in my abdomen type of feeling, which seldom ever happens. Just talking to him got me wet and in the mood. I'm not a cheater or a homewrecker, but on just a primal level, I'd totally fuck her husband. One knows when someone has the "it" factor and her husband has it. My body hasn't had cravings like that in years. Something deep my brain lit up with him. Oh my.

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  • You can't fight honest to goodness chemistry! Sometimes you just click with someone else. Chances are, he felt it too. Keep craving him, it might come in handy later!

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