Is Naughty Posts running on auto pilot??

The most recent posts are already starting to grow moss on them because they're definitely not recent. Something new just doesn't happen often enough around here. I'm sorry, but I will no longer in good conscience be able to recommend this site anymore.

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  • The new ones seem to all be coming in on Saturdays
    yep i think they are reading them and adding the tags then they get posted

  • I wondered the same because I have submitted at least 35 posts and only two have been shared.

    Do they manually read them and add the tags to them? Maybe there are just too many?

    Maybe they do this on purpose to get people to read and reply to other confessions.

    Ive noticed some just post their confession in the comments of someone elses but I want my own post, damnit. Believe me, my confessions are worth it šŸ˜‰

    I wonder how your post made it through? When did you initially share this?

  • Nm I see 19 days ago

  • I agree

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