I get hard thinking about my wife flashing

I have been married to my wife 21 years, we married in our 20's and are now in our 40's. My wife is beautiful, and has a great body she takes very good care of. When she was in her 30's she would always get carded if ordering a drink, she looks very youthful, even at 45 she looks 32. I am a 6 foot, dark hair, toned, former military, business analyst now and former print ad model and Iam now 48 with a peppered close beard and peppered hair. I still get hit on by younger woman, but I'm happy in love with my wife. My confession is as follows....
My wife loves to wear summer dresses, and only owns a few pair of panties. She hasn't worn panties for about 5 years now, and says she probably never will again either. When my wife wears panties, I know it is that time of the month for her. I own a sports car, and it has a sunroof, and it sits low. I noticed a few years ago when my wife sits her skirts rise up a bit. One day I pulled up next to a trucker, our windows down, sunroof open radio playing. I looked up at the trucker sitting next to my wife's seat and he was looking down into my wife's lap. From my view I could see my wife's labia very easily as her dress was up and her pussy is always waxed clean and smooth. The trucker was getting a really good look at her pussy. My wife appeared oblivious and was talking, but at that moment, the thought of a strange man seeing my wife's pussy made my dick hard. It was like having a hidden trophy that's all yours and allowing a guy who will never touch it, take a look at it. It was exciting for me. Now when we are driving in a similar fashion, I will purposely pace with Truckers, and 9 out of 10 times they will get a view, and keep looking.
Once I asked my wife to flash a trucker and she told me "NO". I think she knows they can see her pussy, but acts oblivious. Nonetheless, it's funny how we always seem to have sex right after a drive or road trip.

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  • OMG! You sick man. Please seek out professional help. I'll pray for your deer sweet wife. 🙏

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