Walk in the Moonlight

Hope you are reading this, I told you that I liked this site. Anyway, so here's to a nice evening, a walk on the beach, and especially the wonderful night in bed. I was such a lucky lad to have met you in the lobby. You were there for a meeting and I had dropped in the bar to talk with my uncle. We hit off so quickly as if it was planned. You were so sweet from the onset and I felt so safe with you, that when you asked me to come to your home for dinner, I excepted without hesitation.

The walk along the beach was lovely and I like the way you held my hand as we walked along and then as if on cue you twirled me around and we kissed. I loved the way your tongue worked its way inside my mouth and searched as if looking for hidden treasures. Your hands were bust as well as they ribbed my ass-cheeks. I let you do this without hesitation, as if we were long time lovers. It was my very first time being with a male. And how wonderful the moment felt.

But the best part was when we arrived back at the house and how we made love. Our deep kisses allowed our tongues to dance and search. I loved the pretty blue and white slip you had me wear even though it was my first time to wear feminine clothing. I felt so sexy as you pushed up the slip and kissing my leg as you neared my clitty. And I almost went insane with ecstasy as you planted kisses on my balls and touched you tongue to them. your tongue touching my balls sent shivers through me. Then your took my clitty in your mouth and made love to it. I love you so much and I want to be your girrrl forever.

Will you be my daddy?
Love you sooooo much!!!!

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  • Oh well started out nice was interesting up till the first being with a male.

  • You panty wearers are pushing it hard. You love that I said hard right? Fake story.

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