Straight, but EXTREMELY curious

I am a guy who definitely identifies as straight and am thoroughly turned off by the notion of hugging, kissing, or doing most anything with another guy....except one thing. I am not attracted to male features and generally find them repulsive. Big dicks and balls in general though are just.....*drool*. I'd love to go into detail about these filthy fantasies of mine, but I think I'd actually break this site if I did with the nasty stuff that has been dominating my mind lately. Seeing what effect my (unusually long and thick) tongue would have on a huge meaty mushroom head, long throbbing shaft, big sweaty balls, perineum and even lower (yes...lower) is something I'd really like to try. Women seem to love how I use my mouth and I do occasionally wonder what kind of reaction the entire flat surface of my tongue caressing the little line between a set of testicles would get.

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  • When i think about all the things that would put me of trying anything with another man its a wonder i ever managed to suck anyone of .kissing,or arse touching just makes me want to puke ,smells of piss,sweat, or an arse just wiped ? No way.So i can never work out how i let a fantasy get the better of me and sucked a 20 year old of straight out of the showers, and then went home and gave the wife one.

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