Listening to my mates mum and dad

When I was 15 I stayed over at my friend's house quite often. He was the same age as me and he had bunk beds in his bedroom, he always had the top one and I slept on the lower one when I stayed over which was usually 2 or 3 times a week.

His bedroom was next to his mum and dad. He also had an older sister (17) and younger brother (11). I don't know how he did it but he always used to fall asleep about 11 o'clock whilst I was always awake till at least midnight.
Every night his mum and dad came up to bed at 11 o'clock.

Tony was always fast asleep and I used to.lay there listening to his.mum and dad fucking. It started off with some mumbled words then I could clearly hear her say "Oh Brian, Brian". I imagined that's when he was licking her pussy as it went on for about ten minutes. Then there was a slow creaking of the bed which got louder and faster as he was giving her one.
All the time she was saying "Brian, Brian" followed by.lots of oohs and aahs and the occasional "Fuck me" and "I love your big cock"

This usually did the trick as his speed increased and he ended with "Oh Jean, Jean I'm cumming" then stopped as he shot his load inside her. I used to time it so my own orgasm coincided with his as I imagined it was me giving Jean one.

Some mornings I.heard a repeat as he gave her one before going to work. This was my favourite time because about 10 minutes after she always came into Tony's bedroom to wake him up. She always had a nightie on and used to stand above me as she woke him up giving me a view of her brown hairy fanny. Depending on the angle she sometimes opened her legs and I could see the sperm dripping out.

I have a couple of more stories about my time there such as when his sister walked in I was in the bath and I walked in on his.mum as she was undressing in her room and things like that which I will tell you later.


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  • I was probably 11/12 when I first heard sex noises coming from my mums bedroom.Took me sometime to actually realise what it was.First few times I knew it was my mum but then she started doing night shifts at her work and late in the night I would hear the noises.So it became apparent that my stepdad was fucking another woman.Didnt know who she was and never saw her as it always began after I had gone to bed.However this woman made more noise and was louder than my mum.

  • True

  • The shitty kid who thinks he's the big man around here is back, little prick not updating posts

  • Whole heap of shit
    Here we go again no update of posts unless none are coming in

  • Perhaps he has a girlfriend? Lol

  • No just sick fucking incest lovers making shit up. It's only about three here thank God.

  • My parents were the same way and my bedroom had an adjoining wall, sometimes I lay there and just wonder what position they were in while doing it. One or twice I heard the bed hitting the wall then they would stop for a few seconds like it fixed it, they would go right back at it with my dad pounding away on her and my mom grunting to the same beat as the bed.
    One thing I did like doing though was watching them. I got up one night and went to the bathroom and on my way back I saw a huge amount of light coming from under their bedroom door. I laid down on my side and was amazed at how much of them I could see, I was amazed at how hard my dad was doing it to her as she laid on her back with her legs spread wide. He was a very dominating man with her and a few times I saw him hold her hair and pull her head back and forth to suck his cock. They stayed together until the end though when my dad passed away so I guess it was love.

  • My dad never made much noise, but my sexy mom did, especially when she had an orgasm. I would listen at my door with my dick out jerking it. I always imagined I was my dad fucking her. I often would cum the same time my mom did.

  • So hot! I'd love to fuck my mum

  • Why do you want to fuck your mom? What is the real reason for the want to fuck your mom. Don't tell us it's because she is hot. There are hundreds of hot women around you that are even more sexy than mom.

  • Because its my mum and its taboo! Its about being inside your own mum! And that special bond a mum and son have

  • It's the taboo part you sick fuck not the bond. There is no bond dumb fuck only sickness. It's taboo to stick you dick in a light socket and turn it on.Try it and tell us how it was.

  • Sounds like 10% of story is true.

  • Do you even have a story?

  • Yes Heres the story of a bunch of losers, Incest lovers who like their mothers. And wish they could fuck her stanky snatch. Thats the way they became the retarted bunch, the retarted bunch.
    Know tell me how hot Alice was.🤢🤮

  • My brother in law who didn't have a very good childhood, told me when he was 12 years old, he got up one night to get a drink. As he came down the steps, he seen his parents and another guy, so he stopped to see what was going on. He watched this other guy fucking his mother on the couch while his dad sat in the chair and watched.

  • This wasn’t uncommon in our house. There were a lot of kids, a lot of boyfriends and girlfriends living with us, and our parents were pretty accepting of everything, and pretty free with their own fucking. The only time I ever realized sex sounds was at a friends house, when I over heard her mom shut down her dad. She was such a bitch.

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  • You eat it

  • Tastes better then the shit stories and replies here.

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  • I know you are

  • So tell me who am I! Thats a song moron.

  • Offensive.

  • Defensive

  • You the term faggot?

  • I never even thought about my parents having sex, and I never heard them doing it. Then my parents divorced and because my mom is great looking, she had a boyfriend right away. On night I was awakened by what I thought was someone in pain, then I realized it was my mom getting fucked. I would jack my dick off listening to her moaning. I couldn't help imagining I was the one fucking my mom.

  • Perhaps you should try??

  • Fuck off incest lover

  • Get the fuck out of here hypocrite

  • No won't leave and you can't make me. I dare you to try.

  • No I won't!! Incest is hot and I do love it!!

  • Right on! It is even better because it's wrong.

  • Because its considered taboo, its hot

  • Thats the only reason for your incest crap you have been posting. Because it is taboo.

  • Well at least half your sentence is right. It is wrong pussy

  • It's to bad you could never get some from your 600 pound sister and that crack whore mother of yours

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  • Fuck off faggot lover

  • Dude what is with you and the faggot stuff?

  • They are in the panty and trans lover posts go there and you might get one to fuck you.🤢🤮

  • Are you crazy or just plain stupid?

  • A little crazy and a little stupid! But not stupid or crazy enough to go after family members. Thats just sick worse then the panty lovers.

  • I am only talking good looking relatives. A hot body is hard to resist even if related during Covid-19.

  • Miss piggy looks good to you. I bet you jerk off to My 600-lp life. You will fuck anything that has or had a heartbeat.

  • Truth be known most men would fuck anything

  • Thats the first bit of truth here Bravo bravo

  • Not sick at all

  • 👆you

  • Hot isn't it?

  • I used to peep through the keyhole to see my SIL fucking my brother - amazing show ... Next morning I would look through the bath room for her panties to masturbate!

  • You do realize that your brothers cum leaked on to those panties you where sniffing and licking.🤢🤮

  • People always want what they can't have,

  • Well, why want what you already have?

  • CA?

  • I used to hear my mum and dad having sex and I would masturbate like crazy!!

  • Bet you masturbated like crazy with or without hearing mum and dad 😉

  • Yeah you are right! Lol. Hearing your mum moaning does enhance it though!!

  • In the 60's i had a sexy neighbor lady. Her and her husband's room lined up direly with mine 30 feet away. In the summer she I could see her topless or nude waking about or reading. They had a deck just off the bedroom. I could tell she was nude out there but it was pretty dark. They fucked on Fri night after Johnny Carson. On hot nights they kept shade up. They always did it with the light on. And she did the unthinkable I thought for a 40 something housewife in the 60's, she gave him blowjobs in the morning. The guy always looked happy. When I got my chance I knew exactly what to do thanks to Sid and Nancy. No air conditioning had it's pluses.

  • I had neighbors like that’s in the 70. She was a widow who worked at the casino up the hill. She would wear her little uniform home for one of her boyfriends. Her den was against my bedroom, I could look right in. She was the first lady I saw get penetrated. And karma came back to haunt me when I was sucking my husband and looked up to see the neighbor staring right at me

  • Aaaahhhhhhbullshit. ops just sneezed. I lied about sneezing just like that reply. Sid and Nancy really! As for a old man you can't spell that well.

  • Oops, you are no grammar wiz yourself.

  • I wasn't a pussy who took typing class. Only fags and women took typing, us men took metal shop and auto shop.

  • When we heard our parents at it. It fucking grossed us out as we where kids. And don't tell us anymore lies.

  • It wasn't his parents.

  • We didn't care nobodies parents where cool to hear having sex. It was gross to us kids that old people where having sex.

  • I guess we are all different

  • Not on that just a few like you. If my parents came over my house now and I heard them having sex I would still be turned off. As most young kids they can't take that either.

  • Again, we all have different turn ons. As a teen I was sex crazy and I've always had a taboo side to me. Hearing my mum having sex made me as hard as a rock! I would imagine it was me fucking her.

  • You don't think as a teen we all wren't sex crazy. We liked girls our own age, not old people as we saw our parents as.

  • Speak for yourself! How many teens have a crush on a teacher?? Or a friend's mother or father?

  • A 20s teacher maybe but no body's parents as they were seen as the enemy. They where always trying to stop us from our mischief and doing their job as a parent. When I was 12 got my first field car. We used to drive all around the property when we got bored with that we would take it out on the road.That is when we got busted. And the parents would rat us out. I would lose the use of my field car. Same thing with our dirt bikes and my 3 wheeler. When we got a little older it was pot and cigarettes that was next. They where always the enemy!

  • First don't start with the incest loving Karp . You and that fatFUCK of a sister never did anything. If as teen you thought of your mom like that. you are sick beyond all repair. So SHUTtheFUCKup incest lover.🤢🤮👆you💩head

  • Oh yeah like your the mountain of all knowledge lol. U really think you need to wake up and realize there is a lot going on that you may not like! Family sex in fucking hot!!

  • Family fucking sex can get them the death penalty in 8 countries. In other countries penalties range from 3years to life. Only a few don't have laws for incest. Thats because their morals are high enough to know better than to have incest. Fucking moron I have a lot more knowledge about the laws concerning incest fuck head.

  • You are just here to cause trouble and whist your opinions should be respected, your insults are not welcome. I think debates are a good thing.

  • There is no debating incest is sick and nothing is going to change that.🤢🤮

  • In your opinion!! Not in everybody's

  • I'm as welcome as you are. I have just as much right to be here as you. And I have a right to my views ass hole

  • You do but it's the way you conduct yourself that is the problem.

  • You think I'm the only one posting here. I'm not the only one who thinks incest is fucked up.

  • There always strong opinions on incest. Consensual sex between adults is not wrong or fucked up ever if they're related

  • What is wrong with you dude. You want to have sex with your family? Thats so fucked up on all levels. Wow unreal.

  • Incest isn't illegal everywhere! Do your research!

  • You want research you got it.

    Incest is legal in 23 countries!

    But it is illegal in 172 countries. Where incest is illegal in those countries and most of America! The penalties for incest range from 3 years in prison to life in prison and the death penalty in 8 countries. In some countries whipping or caning goes along with a prison sentence.
    If you look at incest as a percentage, incest is legal in less than 12.5% of countries in the world. Making incest a minority in the world as 87.5% of the countries don't allow incest.

    In the USA it is legal in only two states, New Jersey and Rhode Island. In those two states the only form of incest allowed is 1st cousins incest. Close Family Member (CFM) incest is illegal in both states. CFM include the Father, mother, brother, sister, Grandfather or grandmother, Aunt / uncle, Niece or nephew.
    Consensual incest is legal in Russia, Spain, Portugal and Italy. However, in Italy if the situation becomes a public scandal then it becomes punishable with 2-8 years in jail. In terms of France, Luxembourg and Belgium, it is not necessary legal but there are no laws that prohibit the act. Countries such as Greece, Latvia and Lithuania merely outlaw incest for adults but not minors. Although, incest is legal in Russia, under their Family Code, family members whether it be “step” or “half” related may not marry.
    There is no printed information for the remaining 12 countries that incest is legal.

    In countries that incest is legal, The Thailand Journal of Forensic Sciences reported that the rates of incest in their country was about 5% and other countries that incest is legal averages out to about 4% of people have had or had incestual relations. That makes incest a minority in those countries where incest is legal.

    There is your fucking research for you.

  • I don't like to deal percentages due to the fact they can be fiddled. But figures are only estimate and obviously because of the laws against incest in certain countries you can never really know the true figures. You have obviously copied and pasted an article thinking that it is factual which is a classic error on your part. It's like believing everything you see on a news channel or read in a paper.

  • I copied and pasted the laws on incest thats true! But since they are the same on all sites on incest laws. And you saw the same stories and copied where it is only legal so you believe the same stories. That makes them factual. Since there is 195 countries and incest is legal in only 23 countries you do the math if you can. It works out to less than 12.5%. As for the Thailand Journal of Forensic Sciences they came from medical files that my wife who works in the medical field can access. Thats the truth about incest and you can't change that. Further more If incest was accepted as much as regular sex. You would be here posting the crap you do. Because the taboo of incest would be gone. Incest is all you got in your head. Whats the matter you regular sex life can't keep you happy. I don't need to fantasize while having sex with my wife. We have great sex and we are satisfied. My fantasies are about owning the new Ford GT or the new Shelby 500. I found these sites during lockdown and because what happened to my friends granddaughter, I will go after incest lovers and pedophilic fuckers.And I won't stop.These sties have been reported to Missing and exploited children as well as the FBI by me. Can't wait till they tear it down or make them remove your sick posts.

  • Go after pedos, definitely but pls take a minute just to consider that there are adults who have consensual sex with adult family members and they use protection.

  • The law is the law take that fat fuck of a sister out and go protest that the laws of incest should change. Protesting is hot ticket may be the movements will join you. You can call it OLM our love matters. Do it if they change the laws for incest you won't be a zero, You might be a hero.

  • Both the law and the majority of us think you are a zero.

  • I don't care what the laws says. I'm ok with who i am

  • Thats the problem with the mentality challenged.They all think they are ok and don't need help. They won't take their meds. Even if we get them to take meds when they feel better they think they are cured and stop taking meds. Then it starts all over again. If you think it's ok to break the law or have incest. You are mentally unstable and need treatment.

  • You are so judgemental! I'm educated and certainly not mentally challenged. The law isn't always correct.

  • Family members thats not right dude.

  • What is it you think is wrong?

  • Why??

  • They are like me Family members are off limits. I just noticed this tidbit you wrote. As a teen I was sex crazy and I've always had a taboo side to me.
    See you where fucked up right from the start. It's not mommy it's the taboo part you love. Thats it period. Thats why I said it's the death penalty for both pedo's and incest lovers. It's hopelessly stuck in that walnut you call a brain.

  • I used to do the same thing listening to my mom and dad. My mom was the loudest. When she was cumming she'd always be going, "Oh honey, oh honey, oh honey!" I could easy hear them through our thin walls and I would jack off listening. I too tried to time my orgasm with my mom's. Sometimes I'd have to stop for a bit, so I wouldn't cum too soon.

  • It's hot isn't it!!

  • No Not hot to hear parents fucking.

  • I think it is!

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