I cheat

I mess around on my husband all the time. Yes i am a slut.
I like being fucked and fucked hard.
I love my husband and would never want him to know.
But getting guys to sneak atound and fuck me use me. Spank me. I never can be a one man woman

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  • That's just great lady. All cheating ever got me was divorced 3 fucking times and pile of huge dept I'm still trying to get out from under. This is not fair at all. Time you women lose some money and have issues also. Have to go. I'm due at my new girlfriends house in an hour. Going to fuck her and spend the night while getting a home cooked meal. Tired of cheese and bologna.

  • Cheating never got you that, being caught did.

  • Years ago when I was in my late 30's living alone enjoying the single life a young couple moved in next door.The girl was fucking hot and I perved on her alot when I saw her outside.I got on great with them and even had a beer now and again.Probably a year or so after they had lived there the guy went away on a friend's stag do.His girlfriend popped round to chat and bum a fag off me as she had said she quit smoking but couldn't help it now and then.I offered her a drink and she gladly accepted.She ended up staying for a while and we just talked and drank.Then she asked why I was single and I just said I love being single as I get more girls that way.She was a little tipsy as she said that I must be good in bed or be huge to get alot of girls.I knew it was bad of me but I was feeling cheeky so I asked if she'd like to find out.She laughed and asked find out which?I said both.She giggled and said maybe and yes.I asked yes to what and maybe to what?So she elaborated and yes she'd like to see if I was huge and maybe find out if I was good in bed.I dont wanna blow my own horn here and never measured myself but I'm a decent size,well over 7 and very good thickness and alot of girls said I was big and never disappoint.I already had a semi on so I stood up and dropped my shorts and gave her a butchers.She went quite wide eyed and said well hello there.Wasn't sure what would happen but she wrapped a hand round it and started stroking me.I was hard as a fucking rock in no time and she surprised me even more by taking me in her mouth and giving me a pretty good bj.I asked so is the next answer still maybe?She looked up smiled and said its yes now.Well I had no plans for the evening so I lead that girl to my bed and showed her how good I was.3 hours later and she was worn out and more than thoroughly impressed.

  • I separated from my husband 2 months ago,have felt bored and fed up with him and our marriage for sometime now and not sure if I even love him anymore.Might have been the result of the current state of things,not even sure.Told him we should have a break but I just want to try new and different things.As it was in the middle of lockdown I moved in with my friend.She's single and I kinda envy her life.She had a fuck buddy visit her regularly and hearing them at it drove me quite horny.When I mentioned it to her she introduced me to a friend of his.I got to know him but after a week we agreed to meet.He came round and we hit it off really well.It was just for a chat and he left after 3 hours,I didn't want anything more to happen.We made plans to meet up again in the week.He came to see me and we chilled out and chatted.Then we started kissing.My friend happened to be out so that might've contributed to what happened.I didn't want anything to happen as it was only our second meeting and I'm not usually the type of girl to do that and I did feel extremely guilty as I'm married but I had sex with him.I kinda let myself go and gave into lust.I even gave him a blowjob.It had been months since I last had sex even with my husband and I must say he made it feel so damn good.I felt like shit afterwards but not for long and invited him over again.

  • Anytime i read something about lockdown
    Instantly know you are full of shit and making up stories

  • Really? Where's your proof that it's made up?

  • Lockdown key word
    Made up fantasy

  • Wow. Lockdown. One word. Proof.

  • My hot, milf neighbor two yards from me, Kelly, is a serial cheater and fuck doll. When her husband is on the road for work (if his work van is gone overnight, I know he's gone for a good 3-4 days), I see guys coming and going, and usually includes myself. This past weekend, she was outside at their pool, in a tiny, blue bikini that drove me crazy. First it was watching her from my back patio, then, walked down the yards, opened the fence gate, started talking to and joking around with her, and, boom..Back inside, to the lower-level bedroom for an afternoon of wild sex.

    She admitted to looking at my patio and noticing me watching, and said she wondered how long it would take for me to show up. I told her as soon as I saw her in that tiny blue bikini..I knew I'd have at her.

  • I’ve been cheating on my husband since the day after he asked me to marry him. I do not feel guilty one bit about it either.

    He had to go out of town the next day so I went by my bff’s house to tell her. We hung out for a while and then my ex was at the door. I’ve never been able to turn him down for anything. He heard from someone I had gotten engaged and tracked me down to say congratulations. Yeah right. He was flirting with my bff for an hour when I finally couldn’t take it anymore. I marched over told him this is the last time ever we’d be doing anything! I sucked his dick while he just watched me do it! Then when he was close he grabbed my head and shoved his dick down my throat and came. After I was done coughing he lifted my head up and told me just because I was getting married didn’t mean I wasn’t still his. Then he reminded of my tattoo. The one I got for him. The one on my ass that my fiancé had asked me why there were two hearts.

    In 3 years my husband has never expected anything. My ex and I will have naughty sex wherever we can.

  • Just another slut. Why get married? Guess you husband is a retard or is it your reputation as a worthless slut is well known and no one else wants your STD filled pussy

  • Such a hater. Stop judging...

  • I was like all of you. I fucked around and was nailed by hundreds of men during my marriage of 10 years.

    My husband was a war hero, wounded 5 times in combat saving other men. He was strong and handsome. He treated me like gold and and loved me unconditionally putting up with all my shit. He was also very good in bed always put my pleasure first. I loved him so much but could stop my affairs.

    Then one day my husband was gone. He died alone, while I was out being fucking disgusting whore on a 7 day sex and drug binge. He had a heart attack at 45. His family buried him without me.

    It 5 years later and I'm a mess. I have no family, my friends want nothing to do with me. I stopped having sex.

    I would willingly trade my entire rest of my life, for just one day with husband.

    Being a whore cost me everything. Rethink your lives. Stay with your man and fall in love with him again.

  • That I truly believe. You all want to have sex like monkeys then don't be surprised when the shit gets thrown around!

  • You are a lier

  • No She is not! Cheating can cost everything including your life when you get caught.

  • Wish it was a lie. I fuck my life by not realizing what I had. Now he's gone forever.

  • Your life is not done. We as people make mistakes, but it's what we do when we realize we made them. Get yourself clean no drugs or alcohol. Apologize to your's and his family. Then dust yourself off and get back to the game of love and this time don't cheat.

  • You got what you deserved worthless bitch.

  • Better than being a judgemental asshole.

  • My bf will come home, have two bourbons, smoke a cigarette, then get high and pass out around the time the neighbor comes home. Our neighbor will come up, have a bourbon and fuck me right on our porch. I don’t think my bf has any idea. He will in 6 months though! Lol!

  • So you got pregnant you stupid slut. What the fuck is wrong with you. Fucks like you do this and an innocent child has to be stuck with you. And you think thats fucking funny. You are a fucked up moron.

  • Oh it’s fine I’ll just get an abortion at the last minute

  • I workout four to five days a week and most of the guys in there are really nice and fit, I have an affair going with one of them. I left his place one time after like and hour of sex, got home and my husband wanted me. I was not concerned about it because I always have safe sex with lovers so I stripped down and we had sex. I was worn out afterwards because he was really into it and we went for at least an hour. All told I had countless orgasms that morning and swallowed both of them in one morning, about three hours of nothing but pleasure. Husband does not know about my lovers.

  • Swallowed both of them in one morning, And you call that safe sex! Girl your elevator doesn't go to the top floor. Google all the STD's you can get from oral sex.

  • Everyone cheats. Some of us just haven't done it yet.

  • I have sex with men other than my husband but I don't consider it cheating because he knows I fuck around. Now if I caught my husband fucking around I would cut his dick off LOL. He knows I am more than he can handle in bed so he lets me play. To be honest I would really be upset if he cheating on me. I don't really understand why he lets me play. If he put his foot down and told me to stop I would try hard to be faithful. It would be difficult since I have been doing it for 14 years but I would try.

  • Oh go get a divorce and be a slut all you want. When you come home with a surf and turf platter between your legs and give it to your husband after about an hour of itching he will know. And when the doctor cures the drip you will be penniless.

  • Hey let play:)

  • I understand. I love my husband too, but it’s been hard to beat the feeling of listening to him passed out snoring through a window while our neighbor brought me to orgasm once with his mouth then again with his cock.

  • Naughty girl

  • What about at cards?

  • A married female friend of mine has been trying to get me into bed for a while.I can't be alone with her as she always gets flirty and touchy and will actually squeeze my cock.I get excruciatingly hard and horny and normally hold back. Until a couple weekends ago after I warned her several times that if she keeps it up shes going to get ruined. Well she kept it up. So on the couch I lost it and pulled her bottoms all off,pushed her back and pulled my shorts down to my ankles,spread her legs and shoved my cock in her slippery wet pussy.

  • Oh no I guess you showed her lol

  • Yes I bloody well did and she wants my cock every chance she gets now.

  • It isn't all that uncommon. People have urges and desires. I once had a neighbor whose wife was so obvious about her fooling around that we knew about it long before he did. He'd go to work and another fellow would be at his house in ten minutes.

  • Faaaaaake! Basement Loser Alert!!!

  • Written by a man Real women with class don't post this crap

  • And everyone here is SO classy

  • A woman with class don’t cheat dummy

  • I've been cheating on my wife for the past 9 years. Sometimes with other women. Most times with other men. I don't believe in monogamy.

  • Hope you believe in HIV

  • I cheat too. Started when I was 21. My bf at the time introduced me to a work friend of his. This guy was in his 30's and very bold. We were all in a club. And me and him hit it off and flirted and we danced together and he bought me a few drinks. Then later on asked for my number. We texted quite alot and I could tell he was more than just interested as a friend. I kinda enjoyed the excitement and when he asked if I wanted to go for a drink I said yes.
    So we met up and went for a drink. After he invited me back to his place and things got pretty hot there. I found out he had a very big dick and he very much wanted to put it in me,so I let him.

  • Perhaps you are not cut out for a relationship

  • What if your husband is horny after you have been dirty? Ever happen?

  • All the time

  • Tell us about what happens when you come home!

  • I pursued my wife for a 6 months with her telling me NO the whole time. Finally I asked her to tell me why she wouldn't date me. She told me it was because she couldn't be with one guy. After thinking about it, I decided I would rather share her than not have any of her. We been married for a few years now. Don't ask, dont tell is our saying.

  • Ur amazing. Wish more woman could admit there sexual feelings

  • You whore ;)

  • I love you. Women are to fuck and be fucked!

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