Big win for LTGB

My shemale and lesbian friends..We came together on monday to celebrate the Supreme court's ruling towards the LGBT community! Even two conservative judges ruled in favor..It's about time! We really got into each other's body in every way possible..I for one have now been acknowledge in the group as a sexy shemale and was fucked and sucked into dream land.. We even did high enimens on our holes with 12% hydrogen peroxide to clean them so we could tung each other's holes like they do in porn videos..We had so much fun loving all the parts of our bodies with all the cum coming out of all our holes and licking the cum from cocks and pussies and was a total free for all celebration for us all!!!

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  • Ok seriously!! Anyone hating in the comments needs to just get over it! Let’s be real for a second. You are on an adult story site. Reading the LGBTQ posts.....why? Why the fuck are you reading these unless it’s to satisfy your own sexual urges? Do you masturbate to these stories and then hate yourself after?? Get some fucking help and GET THE FUCK OVER IT!!!! If all you are trying to accomplish is spreading hate, ignorance, intolerance and an overall small minded view of the world then do it like a fucking MAN/WOMAN!! Leave your name and a way to contact you. Stop hiding in the anonymity of the internet and be willing to accept the consequences of your words. Until then fu k you and good bye!! FUCKING COWARDS!!!


  • Amen..who are they to judge anyone's sexual preference..especially on this sight..we are who we desire to ,lesbian,shemale, sissy, straight, crossdresser..we should be free to choose who we want to be..without anyone of you out there judging our reality..enough said!!!

  • Fuck yeah!! To hell with all the hate speech!! Be who you are, enjoy all parts of your body!! If you have a vagina LOVE IT!! If you have a penis LOVE IT!! We all have an anus and we should all enjoy that part of our bodies!! Judgmental assholes need to shut the fuck up and crawl back into the hole they came out of!!

  • Right on!

  • Ohh by the fucking way

  • Bunch of fucking freaks. Why can't they make some shit that will kill off only queers and lesbos . Kind of like a roach motel for faggots

  • Idiot. Maybe because they are still working on the one to get rid of ignorant assholes like you.

  • I hope you and Ellen get raped by a bunch of African speer chuckers with super sized boners. Death by RuRu!

  • Queer pricks, I hope that ruling is overturned

  • Every one can suck and fuck in all the holes....
    I have a sissy friend that I use with my shemales as a sex toy! We both ram his ass so hard it is now a pussy!

  • Can i join him? I mean you'll have extra holes to fuck

  • Omg I love threesome with a woman and a shemale. The best of all worlds!!!

  • Sick shit

  • Do you get turned on by judicial robes now. That would be an interesting orgy.

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