I am a flasher pervert

I have been doing this since I was barely a teenager and my Aunt caught me jacking off. I was horribly embarrassed but she took me into my bedroom, sat me down and talked to me. She told me masturbating was normal and I should enjoy it. She also told me it is even better if you have someone else help, than she made me take off my pants and she rubbed me until I orgasmed.
But my Aunt wouldn't do it any more, she told me that was just to show me what it was like, and I needed to go find a girl friend.
I tried asking, hinting, all sorts of things and nothing worked.
Then one day I was outside and a woman walked by, I let my penis out and began to play with it. The woman was much older, older than my Mom even, she stopped and stared, then she smiled as I came very quickly.
"Thanks, Cutie!" She said, and walked on down the street.
Since then I have shown my penis to hundreds of women and girls, sometimes I sit where girls can see up my shorts, sometimes I just pull it out and wack off in front of them. About 8 out of 10 throw a fit, walk away, do something negative, a few stop and watch, and every once in awhile one grabs me and helps. Those are the best. I just can't help doing it, at least once or twice a week. One time I even got caught by a lady police officer, she just told me to put that away and left.

2 months ago

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    • How many times you been arrested?

    • You dumb idiot! Masturbating is self pleasure numb nuts! If someone helps it is then no longer masturbating!
      So your fake aunt was that stupid to!

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