Naked party guy

When I was in college, I loved to go around naked and was always looking for a part time job to make a little extra money. This is when I answered a knock at the door naked with a hard on. Also, one time i had a room on the ground floor and I came back from the shower with the curtains partially opened and dried off in full view of the people walking past. I had i nicely swollen dick and it was very exciting to be showing it to everyone. Later friends told me they had seen me and they liked what they saw.
So when I saw the ad for Naked Person Desired for Private Parties, I answered right away. A well dressed guy answered the door when I showed up for the interview. The job was to walk around naked at his regular private parties for his clothed party goers enjoyment. He said the first thing to do was to see me naked, so I quickly took off all my clothes and stood in front of him. He walked around inspecting me. He then started touching me, rubbing my nipples, which got nice and hard for him, and caressing my freshly shaved penis and balls. My penis started to swell up under his touch. He then moved around behind me rubbing my ass. He told me to bend over, and he played with my ass hole. I reached back and spread my ass cheeks for him. He plunged a finger deep in my ass and I mounded a bit.
He then pulled out and told me to have a seat. He said the job is to mingle among the party goers and let them do whatever they wanted to me. He said it was ok for me to get erections, in fact he expected me to. He expected that party goers would like to touch my erection, and maybe even give it a suck or two. He said don't be surprised at how many guys and girls want to stick their finger up your ass. I was to let them do whatever they wanted to. He paid in cash and there would be tip jar for me.
So about a week later, I showed up and this nice house for the first gig. He greeted me and told me to get naked right away, he didn't want to see any underwear lines. I was freshly shaved and washed, especially up my ass hole. I had also taken a viagra, so I knew that I was going to be a hit. My dick was about 8 inches when hard.
Presently people started showing up by couples, and singly. I walked around among them, saying hi and smiling. Most were uncomfortable with my nakedness. As it got more crowded, I stood just to the right of the bar area and waited for everyone to relax, My viagra was kicking in and my dick swelled up to full mast with just a little swaying back and forth. One couple couldn't take any more and walked over. What are we supposed to do with you? I said, Whatever you want to do with me>. The wife reached down and grabbed my hard dick. She looked me in the eyes and said, You mean I can suck on this thing? I said, Sure. Her husband moved around behind me, rubbing my bare ass. He said, Anything? Sure. He put his middle finger in his mouth, and reached down and rubbed it on my ass hole. I had stretched my ass hole in my shower opening it up enough to stick three fingers in. So when he inserted his finger in, it went in pretty easily. So I stood there getting a blow job in the front and a finger fuck in the back.
This created quite a sensation, and other people crowded around to watch and wait their turn. The rest of the evening went just like that, with both men and women wanting to fondle my smooth penis and balls, even when not hard. A surprising amount of people also liked my ass hole. It seemed like I was being asked to bend over all the time for them to inspect my ass hole close up and invariably stick their fingers in. Several people liked the fact that they could get two fingers in. That usually got my penis hard again and they would cram their two fingers up my ass and stroke my hard penis in front. I guess they were having fun, I sure was.
I went home after that pretty drained but very mellow. I went to several these parties, got to know a few of the regulars, and got some private invitations too. After about 6 months, this gig dried up, people moved away, and I had to look for other exciting endeavors.

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