I know Many people won’t believe this. But I had sex with my sister last week. I know I read many stories over the years of incest and always believed they were all fake fantasies. Years ago when I was a tech teenager my sister used to cut my hair. I was 15 to 16 years old my sister was three years older. I always remember we would put a kitchen chair in the middle floor and she would cut my hair. When she did my bangs she would always straddle me standing with my legs between hers. Yes when I was that age I got turned on. And in my mind I always thought I heard my sister breathing heavier when she did this. Fast forward 30 years later. My sister Brenda. Has been married since high school I have also. She has not cut my hair since high school. We were having a cookout last month at my moms house in the subject of me needing a haircut came up.

So we looked around the house for scissors because my sister offered to cut my hair. Could not find Any.
So my wife said we had scissors at our house which was about 5 miles away. So somehow it became me and my sister hopping in the car and going to my house to get the scissors and she wanted to do it there so no one would be distracting her. Now my sister is 49 years old and looks pretty much the same as she did in high school so we got the chair she got the scissors and she was cutting my hair. Yes of course I was thinking back to high school. So when she went to cut my bangs she straddled me like always her tits no 4 inches from my face. She’s wearing shorts and I can feel her smooth legs against mine.

So she’s leaning over me and me being older and less baseball I say Brenda this is an awkward sexual position. She laughedAnd kept on cutting. So I reached up and put my hands on her hips and pulled her down some and she sat on my lap facing me. She says that’s easier and she went on cutting.
I keep my hands on her hips and pull her closer to me she laughed and said stop that. I could tell by her tone it was playful. I say just what I always wanted was my sister grinding on my lap
She wiggled her hips playfully and I took the queue and slid my hands down and grasp her but with both hands. She said stop now I need to finish this. She went on cutting my hair and I sat still and a few minutes later she said all finished. I said good and before she can get up I wrap my arms around her and bury my face between her tits. She laughed and said Mike we need to stop and get back to moms. I ignored her and thrust my hips forward and said why they won’t miss us a few more minutes. Her hands went on the back of my head then I could hear her breathing I look up and slide my hand up into her hair and pull her face to me and we kiss.

On full remote control now I stand up and carry her tiny frame over to the counter and said her butt on the edge of the counter. She didn’t even try to say anything. We continued kissing for a minute and then I move down to her neck slide my hands up your shirt continue kissing and reach down in Doug on her shorts and surprisingly they slid down easily. She said Mike we need to stop and started and started to get down and I let her her breathing was heavy and she bent to get her shorts that had fallen on the floor. I put my fingers between her legs and felt her and she jerked up suddenly laughing. She turned around her arms covering her chest like it was bare i oull her too me cupping her ass and pulled her up carrying her to bedroom.
She said in a low husky voice asking what are you doing?
I said something we should of 30 years ago
I drop her on bed and pull my shorts down and before anything could be said i was on her in her fucking like adolescent kids.
I have never came so long and hard as i did at that moment feeling her tense up and muffle her screems in my chest as she climaxed.
We lay on bed exhausted from the intense sex we just had. Soon our minds cleared and we got up without saying a word and got our pants on.
We neither had even gotten our shirts off it was like a strong anticipated lust and then it was over
We said very little on way back to moms and was acting normal as possible
I’ve heard people talk about sex like this but it’s undescribable the excitement and release that happened between us.


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  • I too need my hot sis on bed with me. How do i make it happen. She's driving me crazy daily. I want to enjoy her while we are still young. We both are 20+ now by the way

  • Being 20+ means obviously you are both adults so that's good. It's hard to give advice to you because obviously I don't know you and your sister. But generally I would say spend more time with her eg take her for meals and drinks preferably just you two! Go to places where you are not likely to see friends of yours or hers. Maybe try taking her on holiday/vacation again just you two! Start giving her compliments about her looks and her body. Say things like I love spending time with you and you feel a strong connection to her but say these things after you've been taking her out a while!! Obviously, become flirty with her and let her know gradually that you are interested. Also, become more affectionate towards her eg hand holding and kissing, preferably on the lips! It might be worth researching flirtation and getting tips online! It's a step by step process but very possible to start a sexual relationship with your sister. Just be smart about it

  • My sister used to cut my hair as well. Quite often she would be wearing her dressing gown which would slightly come apart. When her dressing gown would loosen I would get glimpses of my sister's tits! I sometimes wonder whether this was something she done on purpose! I really should of tried to fuck my sister and this was one of the opportunities I should of taken advantage of.

  • Original poster, will you and your sister be doing this more, or was it just a one time fling?

  • Will try for more
    If i can get alone with her

  • Good luck! I'm sure you'll have loads of sex with your sister! Enjoy it while you can!

  • Growing up my sister always was following me around and I would be annoyed with her sometimes. As we grew older, she filled out into a beautiful girl, but still liked to be with me, more than a sister would normally do.

    At 15 she had grown some big firm tits, and was getting very flirty with me. Even though I was 18, I broke down and we fucked. We had incredible sex, and fucked almost daily for three years.

  • That's great! I would love that with my sister!

  • There was always sexual chemistry between me and my sister. Really should of fucked her when we were younger and life was less complicated!

  • You're lucky! I'd love to fuck my sister!

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