Ladies and men - youngest age you would go if you could ?

This question is for women mainly but men can answer too. If you knew that nobody would ever find out, or you would never get into trouble, wha is the youngest age boy or girl you would go for or if the opportunity came your way? Women should answer about youngest age boy and men should answer about youngest age girl they would like

A Special Request - When commenting please state whether you are a man or a woman ( Please do that )



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  • Im a 38 yr old male and I prefer older women in their 50's and 60's that have a hairy pussy. I think all that hair on a women's pussy is very sexy. My hairy cock is getting hard thinking about it. Those older mature woman that look lonely (even though there husband is still alive) and very horny because their husband's cock will no longer get hard anymore are the one's that i want as a fuck buddy. She keeps her husband to grow old with but let's me take care of all her sexual needs. I wish I could find an older women that only wants to fuck me

  • Original poster here again. If you are uncomfortable to talk about it here my email is You can email me there and tell me. I am particularly interested to hear from women who are into boys that are very young. That is because I like puberty aged boys. Men can email me too. I have posted in the fetish section of this forum too basically asking the same question

  • Stop it pedo

  • Original poster here- Do you think there are many women out there who are silently attracted to pubescent and preteen boys ?

  • I never thought it was against the law and still don’t feel like it was. I only saw a very friendly old woman (widow, , chubby, 65+) who helped a insecure young boy of 16 to get rid of his shyness. She was patience with me, teached me how to make love to a woman so I wouldn’t have to be nervous as the time comes when I meet a girl of my age.

    And yes, sex was great with her and I was very horny and greedy at her. She never refused me if I wanted her pussy.

  • Yes there some women that are sick. We see them get arrested too. Both men and women should get the death penalty for raping a child. And don't even say it! NO CHILD CAN CONSENT TO SEX THEIR BRAINS ARE NOT DEVELOPED ENOUGH, SO ALL SEX WITH CHILDREN IS RAPE.

  • How are you an expert? Surely that's just an opinion

  • I believe there are women who like boys who are around 14 years old. My friend had a thing with a 28 year old woman when he was 14. He fucking loved it!! I think it funny how some would call that abuse when it was brilliant for him!

  • I'm a middle aged woman who raised two boys. When my boys were very young upset and wouldn't stop crying, I would just lay them down on their back and suck on their cock. It worked every time and an easy way to relax them. I learnt that technique from my grandmother.

  • This is indeed a well-known method, even among midwives, to have babies or small children quietly. In the past (many years ago), when many children were cared for by nurses, this was actually quite common.

  • Wish my mum did that for me. Your boys are very, very lucky!

  • How young were they ?

  • Male 30, Bi, would take a 13 yr boy or girl if they wanted and only if I w as tied up

  • Male 63 , hi , how about a brother and sister ( both 13 ) ! And since your tied
    up , how about my cock up your ass ?.......

  • This is sick i was molested raped or whatever when i was young fir many years
    Now i like seducing older married men.
    This is a perverted question

  • I bet you pervs would love to hear details about my childhood also wouldn’t you?

  • Hell yeah! Lol

  • Every dirty detail !!

  • Yeah sure, lets hear more

  • I fucked a 12 yo, tight pussy but used my saliva. But she came back for more after a week or so!

  • I'm a 63yr old bi-sub . If it's a boy.....7-10 is fun ! If a girl....Same ages ! Anal is
    always fun !

  • I'm a guy and have had a 9yr old girl who I still fuck ! She's 32 now !

  • Woman in my 4os, still love cocks as young as 15 to 20. They are strong and hard although do not last long at the initial stage!! But can fill you well and rough and deep.

  • Woman here. Youngest is go with a girl would be 15/16. Never been into guys.

  • Love to be a fly on the wall as you seduce a cute 15yr old !

  • I am a 73 yr old male. Youngest I would go for is 60. Younger than that are just for looking

  • Lol

  • At the age of 12 my brother told me that a mans cum makes your tits get bigger so I sucked him off very often and it worked … the part I didn't enjoy is when he took my virginity it hurt a lot and all his seamen was wasted dripping out of me with blood ...

  • Fake reply get a life

  • Im prefer older im with a 37 yo im 47

  • Male:and honestly 15

  • You are sick fucks leave the children alone

  • They got to learn sometimes , I enjoy teaching them !

  • Man here, 10 or 11 not to fuck just love seeing little mouths and hands round by cock.

  • So cute!!

  • With their innocent eyes looking up at you!

  • Sick fucks Bubba will love you in prison.

  • I made Bubba VERY HAPPY while I was there !

  • And you are still sore and you still can't shit right.

  • Nope !! All's well been doing my exercises !

  • Milf here. When I was 42yo, I seduced and fuck my two young nephews 15 and 13 yo at the time. Would love to have done some of their young friends but family fun is family fun, after all.

  • I am lucky to have 2 half-sisters. When they were and 11y. old I was 17y. old. I fucked both and, really, the 11y old got pregnant.

  • Should have done them in the ass ! You get all the fun , and they don't get
    knocked up !

  • Of course you did lol 🙄

  • Good girl !!

  • 75 year old woman here. I had my first 3 sons at 14, 17 and at 20. When I was 33 my oldest son got me pregnant, at 36 the middle one also knocked me up and at 40, the youngest one did. All these were planned, I want them to impregnate me. Those children were also boys. I was always naked with them and taught them to touch every part of my body, so from an early age they saw me as their lover and play thing. All six of them make love to me each day, the younger ones always seem to want oral which I willingly do. Having six men lusting after me and fucking me at 75 is wonderful.

    To me incest is normal, as the first 3 sons are from my father. He was the love of my life.

  • I'm 63 and would love to watch you enjoy your "6 men" ! Maybe even join in !
    I love fucking older women !

  • Incest in normal

  • Wow!

  • Male i would go as low as 10 yo girl

  • Mmmmmm !! And I would love to take turns with her ass !

  • I already went at a young age, at the age of 10, my hairy cock vs a bald pussy, it did not work out, I was too big, she was too tight. We just put our cloths back on and never bother trying ever again.

  • You wimp!! just push and it goes in! The screaming is the best part well almost, thats reserved for turning her over and spanking her 10 yr old arse crimson, b4 making her scream even louder when your slop covered cock pushes into her tiny ass ring and you feel that hot little bunghole gripping you like a vice.

    The screams are intense but the orgasm is even better as you flood the little whores ass with sticky hot spunk. I love the plop and farting as my cock pops out their bums and all that jizz oozes down those burning inner ass cheeks onto their little bald cunts.

  • Damn ,YES !! Hey get a hold of me at and we can reminisce about BUTT-FUCKING nice young girls !

  • I was 20 years old back in 82 and my girlfriend was 13. I was fucking her at her house in her cute little pink room with my 8 inch cock in her hot wet pink pussy. Her parents give a shit neither. They wanted me to marry the little shank. Some fucking convict that was 30 got her pregnant.

  • I'm 52. If it was a some young boy I would say about 13 or 14. Now if it was a some young girl I would say right about the time she starts to bleed maybe 12 or so. How's that did I do good?

  • No you did bad sick fuck

  • I’m 45, 18 would be the lowest..don’t want to find myself in jail

  • What if jail wasn't a possibility?

  • I'm male and I would go as low as a 13 year old girl for sex if it was legal.

  • Shit I will go low as 12 or so right now don't care if it's legal or not.

  • I've had several who were 7,8,9 etc and they WERE fun to BUTT-FUCK !

  • When I was sixteen I fucked a thirteen year old girl and she loved it.

  • I fucked a 14 year old girl when I was just 43 and I loved it. Picked her up hitch hiking close to the state line. Man that was some awesome pussy.

  • Wasn't this survey just posted?

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