I want to see my wife seduced by another.
She cheated on me a few times over the years.
And kinda made me this way.
I forgave her every time mainly because i was with many women when we were younger.
Have not stepped out on her in years.
But the thought of her fucking another man
Gets me hard.
How can i get her to except this?

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  • My wife's boyfriend came to stay with us during lockdown. Now they make out on the living room sofa in front of me. I watch and play with my penis as she plays with his. I'm embarrassed because he is much bigger than mine. She's always comparing them and saying how satisfied she is now that she has a real man instead of a wimp.

  • Tell your wife if she wasn’t a canyon cunt she would need a huge cock

  • Don’t plan it, it has to happen in the moment. Take her on vacation, tell her you want for her to be sexy for you. Make comments to her, “that guy checked you out, you’ve still got it sexy” “all these guy checking you out all night wish they could have sex with you, I’m such a lucky guy” “your turning a lot of heads, thanks for being so sexy for me, all these guys want you so bad”. Take it from there. “Give him a little tease” “give him a little peep show, poor guy, he wants you, I’m so lucky” “dance with him, let him feel you up and see what he’s missing, I love watching you be sexy and drive everybody crazy” “go ahead and flirt a little, it’s okay, you’re mine anyway” “go ahead and kiss him, it’s okay, it’s hot watching you, you’re mine and I take you home anyway” “baby, you’ve been teasing him all night, offer him a BJ, it’s okay, I want to see you be slutty for me, I’m so lucky to have a hot wife everyone wants to have sex with”

  • I hooked up with a chick after buddy's after bar house party. We ended up dating for almost 8 months, but after 3 months she told me the first night we hooked up after that party that she had already had sex at the party with my buddy in his room. She said she thought he would have told me and that she thought I knew all along. Looking back and now knowing that I was the 2nd guy that night, and the things we did together after that party actually ended up turning me on. I tried to encourage her into a threesome or letting me watch her with another guy but it didn't happen. The last couple of months we were together I know she had a secret bf. I ended up confronting her about it when we broke up. She finally admitted that she had been unfaithful for basically our whole relationship. I miss her slutty ways.

  • You guys on here are so funny.
    Look most women have cheated at one point or another.
    Depending on how aware their husband is or how jealous they get.
    I been married 20 years and have had over 10 affairs and numerous one time things.
    My husband dont have a clue. He drags me to church with him every week and i am you perfect church mom and proper around people.
    But when i see a guy i would like to try. I do it. Always with married men because they dont talk.
    I have a few girlfriends that i know they have also.
    I don’t ever see myself stopping sampling whats out there. Sex is just sex . Its not really cheating unless you let it effect your marriage. And i think it improves mine.

  • You sound like my ex ... you go girl!

  • You slut whore. Do you fuck the preacher too?

  • I'd like to see my wife with another woman!

  • Not with a man.
    She has messed around why not watch her?

  • Anyone want to trade pics of wife
    Can be soft fully clothed at first.

  • My wife had never fucked around on me as far as I knew. We have been married 21 years in June of last year and never so much as a hint of infidelity. In November we were invited to her parents house in Texas where she grew up. Now that the kids are all grown we have time to visit and check out some of her old stomping grounds from her youth. She met up with some old friends from highschool and we were invited to a party. The booze was flowing and people my wife hadn't seen in years were there. We were outside when one of her old boyfriends from highschool cane over and started chatting. Things got real, very quickly. He started talking about how my wife was a SLUT in highschool and how she used to pull trains down at the local pool hall. She would bend over the pool table and let anyone fuck her who was there. She became very imbaresed because she didn't want me to know that part of her life. Things were said and before long she was being asked to pull another train for old time sake. She asked me, but I was fucking drunk. I would have agreed to any fucking thing at that point. So she pulled her pants and panties down, bent over the picnic table and let ever guy in the place step up behind her. I watched my wholesome wife tune into a cum dumpster slut right before my eyes. She had guy after guy fucking her from behind and in her mouth. They were fucking her throat like she was a pornstar. Deepthroating her and fucking her in the ass. I have never fucked my wife in the ass and she has never deepthroated me. I couldn't fucking believe it.

  • I'm sorry, the end result was great, so I hope you enjoyed it too.

  • You say she has had many affairs over the years . I guess she would rather do them without you being around or knowing about them, what do you think ?

  • My wife has always had a high sex drive.
    She masturbates all the time. After 30 years married i would rather spy camera her playing with herself than to have sex.
    Its boring after that many years.
    I could get into watching her fuck another.
    Some reason i would rather her or her lover know I’m watching. More of voyeur than

  • Yeah my wife also has a high sex drive that I could never satisfy. As I posted lower down I told her to pay our neighbor a visit. We always used to hear him next door having alot of sex and it turned her on and drove her wild but I just couldn't match that. So during lockdown things got too much for her she was bored out of her brain and he must've been horny as hell. So it worked out really well for all of us to be honest.

  • I like watching my wife also. and it developed into me watching my daughter also
    I know its wrong but im addicted to it.

  • How old are they? Why is it wrong?

  • Wife is 35 and daughter 17

  • What does she do? Does she know you are watching?

  • No they don’t know I’m watching

  • I don't about watching! If I had the chance I would fuck my daughter! So hot

  • How old?

  • I have been having a affair with the neighbors wife for a year. We are basically friends with benefits. She is a mother of 3 and just 4 years younger.
    I think what makes the sex so intense and believe me it’s intense is the forbidden sneaking around part of it.

  • On nights out with my wife I was always nervous or scared to say something when guys flirted with her. But I started taking it as a compliment even if a guy would chat to her in front of me. She was offered phone numbers alot and even on nights out with friends if she got drunk she'd come back with pictures of guys and numbers in her phone. I'll admit I started getting a bit paranoid but didnt really have reason to not trust her.But strangely on nights she was out and I was home alone I started imagining what it would be like if she decided to cheat.I tried to get the thought out of my head but if I watched porn I'd just think of my cute young wife underneath the naked clutches of another man being thoroughly pleasured by him.As much as I tried I couldn't stop thinking about that especially since the thoughts produced the most delicious orgasms.When she got home whether drunk or not I would be insanely sexually interested in her.While I pounded her I imagined that she had just come from a guys place and he had had his dirty way with her.That wetness I felt my cock sliding thru was his parting gift that he left her with which she was kind enough to share with me.Her tight young pussy lips closed on it and kept most of it in until my eager hard cock teased her open to release his goodness.

  • I always loved sloppy seconds

  • It must be the best feeling ever. The best way to fuck a pussy.

  • Funny how that shit works. I dated a girl who was a SLUT. she cheated on me I bet 50 fucking times or more.. I hated her. I would break up, then We'd get back together. Then she would cheat again and I would break up with her again. It was fucked up. I finally told her just don't lie. Ask and I'll let you fuck them in front of me. So she did. She would bring some guy home I had never met before. She would bring him in and they would fuck while I watched. She even brought home other women to fuck. Long story short, in the end we didn't last.

    I ended up married to a nice girl who never in a million years would cheat on me. Her words, not mine. So I ask her to fuck another guy in front of me. 23 years we been married, 23 years I been asking her, 23 years she been saying Fuck No. I guess some women do have morals.

  • My wife has gone thru a change during all the lockdown. I convinced her to fuck our neighbor.Hearing her moans has been indescribably arousing and entertaining.

  • I would love to hear the story of how this happened. Please email me sphiil@aol.com

  • Haha maybe

  • My wife Tina likes playing a bar game, Try to fuck married Tina, she calls it.
    It started by accident. At our hotel crowded Happy Hour beach bar in Miami, far from home, we got split up. We're both 38. I see her having the time of her life flirting with guys in their early 20's at the other end of the bar.
    We have long leashes, especially on vacation. But not this long, she seems to forget about me. She comes back "i flew close to the flame.-- sorry --my bad."
    She said they wanted to spit roast her, she didn't know what that was till they explained it. "I told them get the fuck out.-- I'm a married women -- maybe in my wildest college days.. guess i signed up for that abuse when we talked about sex positions." Month latter in Philly hotel bar ' let me play 'try to fuck married Tina." So we split up at the bar. She's hot for 38 but there's hot younger single girls being ignored. They see her rock and wedding ring and they must think 'alone, married, hotel room, easy fuck date' We do this 4 more times, sometime she just chats with a nice guy. We're at a NYC hotel bar and this guy looks like a young Brad Pitt is hitting on her. I can see she's rally smitten.
    "you like sleeping with married women or do want to run away with me."
    She says in the nicest way he says he just wants to fuck her. she tells him that the right answer -- she loves her husband but would like to fuck him just once,."You're so fucking good looking --let me ask him if it's OK, he's at the other end" and he's like wft no. She's says I may have flew too close to the flame, he wants to fuck me, OK?" I say no. It's only a game you play. "try to fuck married Tina, not Fuck married Tina."
    She says you're right and I fuck her hard back in our room.

  • I would fuck Tina

  • Should if let her then had sloppy seconds

  • Sleazy sixths....

  • The next time you catch her cheating, tell her you're not upset because it's a turn on and you'd like for hey to continue doing it

  • Problem is she don’t mess around anymore

  • The next time she flirts with another guy in front of you encourage this behavior by pretending to not notice, or even walk away indifferently. Then take her home and talk about it with nonchalance. Ask her if she wants to have sex with another man, ease into the subject.

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