Daughter dyked out on the floor

My daughter is 18 and about to attend college on a softball scholarship. I'm a single dad. She works out with friends from her HS team often so there's always people over.

I came home early the other day and my daughter was in a 69 with her friend Brooke. They jumped up and covered themselves, but really that was too bad. They looked nice with their tongues in each other's pussies. Brooke has a pretty one and I got a great look at it. It doesn't hurt that she is supermodel gorgeous.

Later I asked my daughter if she was lesbian. She said no, she still likes cock, but she likes pussy too. She said Brooke is the same.

I kind of hope I catch them again. Her friend Brooke is fucking amazing.


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  • My daughter is the same way. It started in middle school with her "practice kissing" with her friends. She dates boys, but she still "plays" with her female friends.

  • I think most girls are like this. When girls go out drinking together and usually end up making out with each other. My ex used to kiss her friends all the time and I loved it! Perhaps girls are naturally bi?

  • I'm not the above poster, but I asked my wife about this. She said she was straight, but in her early teens would have lesbian sex because it was safe (no pregnancy) and oral sex was a lot more fun and felt better than masturbating.

  • Ok, I think alot of girls can be straight but still have fun with girlfriends. Perhaps there's no label like " bi " for girls. I think it just something alot if girls do.

  • My daughter played softball and soccer in high school and college. We caught her kissing and petting one of her team mate when she was in HS. Wife and I are kind of open minded so told her to be discrete and to bring them home if she wanted. Found out she had seduced another girlfriend before that season was over. In college she had three girlfriend, which happened to be her dorm mates. She does love the dicks, but won't hesitate to cuddle up with the girls.

  • At least there's no risk of pregnancy!!

  • Did you get any of them to sleep with you?

  • My wife played college sports for two years (volleyball). She said it wasn't hard at all to find lesbian sex, if one wanted it.

  • Girls are always fooling around especially when they are drunk and they end up making out!! I see it all the time. Like I posted before, Perhaps friends with benefits is normal for girls with close girlfriends? And perhaps girls don't have to be considered a lesbian to enjoy their friends.

  • Both the College and High School here the coaches are dykes. Go figure

  • I am male and had a female assistant who played college softball. She was lesbian and was not shy about letting me know that she had seduced all but 3 of the girls on the team. She said road trips were basically a sex fest.

  • College female sports coaches are quite known to coerce young athletes into sexual relations for more playing time. Volleyball and softball are the worst, eat the coaches pussy or you lose the scholarship or never get on the field. Nasty bitches and when the athlete becomes a coach they do it too. Over and over.

  • Perhaps friends with benefits is normal for girls with close girlfriends? When I've been out drinking I've seen loads of drunk girls making out with each other for fun. Perhaps girls don't have to be considered a lesbian to enjoy their friends.

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