When i was 22 i was maried 3 years and had two kids
We camped next to our parents all summer.
Mom had to work one weekend and dad and her was fighting so she did not stay at campground that weekend.
We were all drinking and my husband put the boys to bed and said he was going to crash also.
I kept drinking with dad and soon we went in his camper because it was starting to rain. It was pouring when we got inside and we sat on couch and watxhed tv.
It was small like a love seat. I was wearing shorts and dads hand was on my leg.
I was drunk but I realized what it looked like us sitting like a couple. Dad was pretty drunk also.
It kept raining and I didn’t want to get wet going back to my camper so i laud my head on dads shoulder to rest while watching tv.
Dads hand was rubbing my leg now we were kot talking just setting all snuggled up while it rained.
Im paying more attention to dads hand now than the tv as he rubed my in wr thigh his hand drifted closer to my crotch till it kept bumping it while he rubbed.
His hands felt rough but strong. I spread my legs some not thinking about the situation just think looking back i liked dads hands.
His hand stoped against my crotch now but he was squeezing my inner thigh.
He was flexing his fingers just rught and it felt good but also very funny like forbidden .
Dad removed his hand and put it around my side kissing me on top of my head.
I huged him with my left arm putting my arm around his belly.
Neither of us saying a word anymore as the lightning Flashes and rain pounded on camper roof.
He put has ither hand between my legs with his head on mine i look up he kissed my forehead.
He kissed my foreheadand my hips rock foro his hand up against me now.
I think in my fog whats wrong with me as he leaned down and kissed me on the lips
I kiss him back. Slowly not like father and daughter.
I lips linger as his hand pressed my pussy I thrust my hips forward.
I sas softly dad as we broke our kiss and he shh me and kissed me again he takes his hand and pulls my hand on his stomach down to has hard cock.
I could feel it through his shorts
He leand me back and moved down to my neck
Nibble my neck and i melt in any mans arms.
I feel him tug my shorts and they slide over my asss and he sits up long enough to pull them on off.
His hamd goes to my panties and soon he has a finger going up into me. I am breathing hard now excited beyond control.
He slides his shorts down and pulls me on him
My petite frame got pulled up in his strong arms and i am trying to clear my head i say daddy we need to stop.
He kissed me again and i feel his hard cock pressed against me and he pulls me slowly on him all the way i let out a grunt as he bottom out in me.
I am swimming with emotions knowing this is wrong and my husband could cone over any moment. And a heightened excitement that i never have felt before. Between gasping breath
I say we m
Need to lock the door.
He said he locked it when we came in.
He pulls me down and kissed me and hepushed his hips up as I thrust mine forward.
I am trembling all over breathing heavily into his mouth gasping for breath as i feel my orgasm buildup.
I came with a hard muscle locked explosive
Orgasm that had me struggle to breath.
Dad came with me and i crash and go limp on his chest
It was the kost intense sex i ever had.
I get up feeling his load soaked in me and running down my legs.
I sliped on my shorts and left leaving dad with his down around his knees.


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  • Hiya Young Lady I can relate to your story so never feel bad about it as it also happened to me but I was 36 years old and Married with 2 sons Well things were not working out with my wife and myself and we had a big bust-up and she asked me to leave so she could have time alone I agreed as I also knew its not fair on are 2 sons that we are aguing fighting all the time, well i did not know who to turn to and advise me and just talk to :-( So I rang my widowed mother who was living alone and her Age was 63 Well she was loving and understanding and told me she doesn't want me being alone at this sad time so she said come and stay with her for a while so will give us both time to thin and sort things out as she also liked and got on well with my wife

  • Hot!!

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