I'm a cuck and want to be cucked.

I (17)was with a girl, named Brooke (15)(changed). Brooke and I seemed in love. She always had a tendency to talk about her ex and it bothered me yet I didn't care. Looking back I realize I was turned on by her talking about all the guys she fucked before me, some of them my friends. I loved her slutty personality. I believe she cheated on me once cause she smelled like raw sex after not seeing her for a week and her pussy was loose. But it made my dick harder knowing she cheated. I ate her pussy good before I fucked her and she became wetter then ever. One day she decided she wanted a break and fucked her ex. I was so upset but she had always told me his cock was bigger so the thought of him pounding my girl turned me on so much. I replayed them fucking over and over in my head like a record. She's still with him today and I think of her ass bouncing off his 9 inch dick every time I see her car outside his house. I'm(20) over her now but I still liked it thinking of a girl I love taking big dicks and I would love if she let me watch. I wouldn't know how to bring it up to my current girlfriend I want a black man to pound her pussy loose and breed her in front of me.

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  • I got my first feel for sloppy seconds in high school and liked it ever since. The girl I was dating was dating other guys and one night while we we’re kissing I slid my finger in her panties and she said we can’t have sex and I asked her why and she said because she had sex after school that day with another guy. I said I didn’t care and I thought it was hot that she was the type of girl to have lots of sex. We had sex and it felt great. After that I’d ask for her to tell me how the other guy would do it to her and she’d give me all the details. She was a lot of fun.

  • My girl then was the same way she let everyone before me creampie her while fertile. But would only let me cum in condoms and her mouth. I always knew I was bisexual so discovering the whole cuckold thing really did me over sex wise it's all I think about. I just hope my current girl starts cheating so I can come out and hopefully become a cuck. Her body is nice and thick and her tits are huge watching them swing while someone else pounds her would be a huge thrill.

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