Divorce Paper Work Isn’t Filed Yet

My husband came back from a work trip two weeks ago and told me the next day we were getting a divorce. He claims there is no one else. He said he’s just unhappy and told he knows I am too. He’s right but I told him I wasn’t. I’m gonna make this divorce hard for him.

I told my closest friends and they were of course very supportive. Well we are in the middle of another round of COVID shut downs now but on the last night before the shut down my gf’s took me to dinner.

We had a nice meal. I cried a couple of times. They bought me a few drinks and we laughed too. During one of my crying moment the waiter came over to ask if we needed anything. He saw me and handed me a napkin and excused himself. At the end of the meal he came back with the check. As the girls were getting their cards out he asked if I was ok. One of my gf’s said “Her jerk of a husband is divorcing her.” I look mortified. He was sweet and told me how sorry he was. Then he said “He must be an idiot. You are beautiful!” I was flattered even though it was a bit of a shallow comment. Then again he is 22 and I’m 35 so he has some growing up to do. He left with the cards and came back a few minutes later. He brought me a dessert and said “For later. Enjoy.”

The girls dropped me off and I sat at the table. I wasn’t really sad but my husband was at a hotel and the house was really quiet. I opened the dessert and on top was the waiters name and number with a note that said “Call me if you need to talk.” I thought that it was strange. I set the note aside and ate a few bites of the dessert. An hour later I was showered and cleaning up the kitchen. I saw the note and was going to just throw it away but then I thought, what the hell. I’ll give him a call.

Ten minutes later sitting on the couch I texted him. He responded quickly and asked how the dessert was. I told him very good and thank you.

Cut to the chase, we’ve been text and talking every day and I got my first dick pic. He is a healthy young man. I have also sent my first nudes. This is so exciting!!

He told me once the restaurants open he wants to take me on a date. I told him he is sweet but I should probably wait to file our divorce papers. He wouldn’t accept that and said he wants me to know experience a 22 year old cock again. I can’t believe how I blushed and I got wet.

I told him we will see.

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