My wife

Would love ti find someone that would seduce my wife.
Shes 50 now would love to find a younger guy to secretly seduce her without knowing i know.

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  • Once I forced my wife to cuckold group sex with my friend and his wife. It was a mistake. Once a lady tastes the enjoyment outside her marriage, she is hooked. Now my wife is totally addicted to sex with big cock dudes. She comes home with dripping sore vagina and I have lost the sex drive for her.

  • I'm 70 and I flirt like crazy with young hot women. I ride my bike 30 miles on a trail. Usually they pass me and say "nice day" and I'll keep up and flirt.
    They don't think I want to fuck them or capable == just a flirty old man. I look younger and fit, quick with a joke. Since last July a fucked 3 of them, all married one each in her 30's, 40's and 50's. I make it sound easy but it's not, I really work on via Facebook. When I was 30 I joked I wanted to go at 80 when a young jealous husband comes home early and finds me fucking his wife. That might come to be. I have tank top, the back says "she's drunk again, and looking to score" If they comment on that my dick is already 1 inch in their honey hole..
    Stay fit, fuck pussy.

  • I too would like for my 30 year old wife to find a steady boyfriend so when they would go out on a date I could dress up with panties and other lingerie. I'm tired of trying to please her with my 3" cock.

  • I feel like I wrote this post!

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