Can anyone recommend where I can find something similar to truck stop sex for gay men but for women? You know how men go to the woods or truck stops and get fucked or get blow jobs? I want to lick pussy. I’m in the atlanta area.

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  • I think women are more classy about this sort of thing than men. try your local lesbian bar. I'm sure you will have no problem finding a pussy or two that need you. Men seem to need to resort to sucking dicks and getting fucked behind trucks and in porn shops. It's too bad as I would definitely suck some cocks and some it in the ass if I didn't have to go to a crap hole place.

  • Honestly what I did was posted on cl and I put on the heading must be able to voice verify. I did it in Atlanta and when we moved back to Seattle. You will be surprised how many women think like we do. P.s. don't settle for the first few like I did. There's some very beautiful women in your area.

  • Hmm.

  • The coffee shop in Buckhead. Go there this evening and when you see a 35 something blonde tell her you’re s friend of Dorthy

  • Don’t trust this.

  • She asked where to go and somebody told her. She knows which place it is. Why mess with Craigslist skank when you can go upscale. It’s a popular place for stay at home moms, after the kids are tired they go for some fun among themselves.

  • Really? Is it actually called the coffee shop? Or is that a general term. Do you go there?

  • I don’t want to say the name here. But it’s well known.

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