Getting to know mom

I am a Police officer in a small town, one night we get a call for domestic dispute and my Sargent and I respond from different directions. As I pull up my Sargent has my mom and her boyfriend in cuffs because they are both intoxicated, apparently the boyfriend hit my mom during the fight. My Sargent says he is taking her boyfriend in and to go ahead and stay with my mom for a little while to make sure she is ok. She is really drunk so I keep cuffs on her while I take her inside. She doesn't even realize it's me and starts calling me Randy (boyfriends name) and telling me how hot its making her to be handcuffed. As I get her to her room she stopped suddenly causing me to bump into her. She pushed back and started rubbing my cock telling me how wet it was making her. I got rock hard and she unzipped my pants and was trying to get my cock out. Then she pulled up the back of her dress and told me to feel how wet she was.
I know I should have stopped but she has such a hot body I just couldn't. I pushed her forward and laid her on the bed still cuffed and pulled her dress up. Her pussy was shaved and I started eating her out. It was so wrong and so right, I then pulled my cock out and rammed it into her with one stroke, as we were fucking I finally got to suck those wonderful tits again. As I was about to cum I tried to pull out but she wrapped her legs around me and I think I came harder and more than I ever had. When I pulled out she told me to let her clean me up so I moved up and she started sucking my dick. I went to roll her on her stomach so I could uncuff her, as I did she said yes baby punish my ass with your cock. I never knew my mom was such a freak but I was super hard again. So I stuck my dick into her cum soaked pussy and slowly entered her tight ass. The harder I fucked the nastier she got, when I came in her ass she and I were exhausted. I uncuffed her and laid down and she came over and sucked my dick clean again.
I figured I better get out of there before she sobers up, and as I pull my cock from her mouth she says Matt(my name) you made mommy very happy. I was shocked and didn't know what to say, she knew it was me. Anyway long story short, she broke up with Randy and now lives with me.


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  • A police officer in a small town who is so stupid he can't even spell Sergeant.LOL Kind of makes it hard to believe you are really a police officer.

  • I'm glad your mom is living with you now. Nothing like fucking my moms pussy. It fits my cock like a glove.

  • Fuck that mom pussy! You don't have to spend any money, it's free.

  • What?

  • What's on second.

  • He's a motherfucking cop, fucking his drunk whore mother ! The REAL question is, "Whatchu gonna do when they come for you ? "


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