One and only cuckold

I convinced my wife to do a cuckold once. It never happened again after that. I had been asking her to have a threesome with me and another guy. I figured it would be fun. She naturally said no for quite sometime until one night I got a little too horny and a little too drunk. I told her all the requirements were hers and I would say nothing. Looking back it was a stupid thing to say, but she finally agreed to a onetime only act with a guy of her choosing. She told me that I would not be there and she would divorce me if I became jealous afterwards. I being drunk and stuff agreed, but then asked for 2 request. I asked that she not wear a condom and let me know who's cum was inside her after it was done. She gave me my 2 request. About a month later she came home late from work. I had been trying to call her and didn't get an answer. When she finally got home, she explained where she had been and what was in her pussy. I became aroused and took her to bed. She enough she was sloppy wet with another man's cum inside her. I fucked the shit out of her and it was great. After we finished we sat on the couch and drank some wine. She told me now that it was over there was one last think to do. She proceeded to tell me the cum in her pussy was that of her exhusband. I can't believe she fucked her exhusband of all people. I promised I would get mad and I haven't, but her fucking exhusband, really? The man the beat her and used her, and caused her grief. What the hell was she thinking. Be careful what you ask for, it may not be so great once you get it.

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  • Caught the wife screwing around and made her agree to a hall pass . I wound up screwing my ex. My ex was a very greedy young lady when it came to sex she couldn't wait to get into bed with me, the sex was great.
    When I got home that night stinking of sex my wife made me take a shower then jumped on top of me and began to fuck the shit out of me. our sex was the best it ever has been.
    I asked her about her actions and she explained the sex was to reclaim me, it worked.

  • I had been wanting to fuck a girl at work so I kept after my wife for a hall pass. She finally agreed and I finally got to fuck this girl at work. My wife used her hall pass on her ex-husband. She told me he was a lazy man who would not work and cheated on her all the time, but he had a big dick and knew how to fuck. She had been missing his dick since they got divorced. So I know how you feel man.

  • He may have beat and used her, but is still a damn good lay.

  • He clearly gave her something you can't and she missed it that much but you did lay out the options for her and as you say you can't get mad.

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