Daughters friends wet panties on a horse ride

I was bbq one night drinking a few beers and my daughter had her friends over for a sleep over. After we all ate they asked me to give them each a ride on one of our horses so I did. One by one I sat behind them on the horse and rode them around. These are all teens and with every ride I’d sit behind them and I could feel how they would rub up on me. With every girl that got on I’d purposely wrap around there waist with one arm and pull them close to me. They wanted me to make the horse go fast so I would. I’d let my hand slip between there legs and while the horse was running I’d gently rub them. They probably thought it would happen on accident. One of the last ones that got on was wearing a skirt. When I helped her get up her legs spread open right in front of my face and I was able to see her white tight panties and I could see the way her panties perfectly outlined her pussy. When we rode off she was laughing but she was pretty scared. She asked me not to let her fall so I told her I was going to press up against her so I can wrap my arm around her waist and hold her tight. While we rode she kept pushing back until I felt her ass pressed against my front side, I sped up a bit and I could feel her grinding on me. I couldn’t help but get hard. Her skirt was up to her waist exposing her panties. I put my hand right on her crotch area and was letting my hand rub on her slowly. I noticed how she started leaving forward making my hand press harder against her crotch. I started rubbing her and I told her if she liked it, she just nodded her hand, I slid my fingers in her panties rubbing on her pussy. She was really wet. I stopped under a tree and she leaned back and let me slide my fingers inside her. She was moaning telling me not to stop. I told her I wanted to put my dick inside her so we got off the horse. I pulled her panties down and bent her over some logs and let me inside her. Right when I was about to cum I pulled out and let my cum explode on her ass. On the way back home she asked me not to say anything. Horses make miracles


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  • If there's a next time ,do her in the ass ! You don't have to pull out when you
    CUM !

  • You'll be known as your daughter's gropey old man. She'll become a pariah and you'll wind up on an s/o list.

  • Hot. Why did you pull out? Everyone is going to see and smell your load.

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