Married indian woman Fantasy

Here is my Fantasy : so one of these days, when im at a club, iam abducted by a stallion He takes me to some rural place (photo) and keeps me there for couple weeks , tied to bed or locked up. All he does is give me food, drinks and fill my pussy to breed me.He comes iin the room, fucks me 5-6 times a day. come inside my womb and go away. Until he brings a pregnancy test and makes sure im pregnant. Then he takes me back home , drop me home in the night. No violence, no beating. just pure forced breeding. i dont need to know the name of the guy or any details. i can be blindfolded all the time so in case there is a case i can say i dont know anything.

BTW im a married woman with 3 kids, hubby and an Ex BF who i meet once in a while for fun

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  • I American and you just described one of my oldest fantasies

  • I have actually done something similar with a married Indian woman with two children.
    I met her, by chance, in a hotel bar and, after a few drinks and flirty conversation, I took her up to my room, tied her up, and had my with with her for three days, fucking her twenty times or more and having her suck my cock and take my cum.
    This proper married lady was a proper slut by the time I returned her to her home at midnight 72 hours later.

  • Interesting. Your marriage was arranged? You ex-bf was from when you were single?

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