So I wonder how many guys are into this

The majority of people identify as straight, right? Cool.
But I read that shemale porn is the second most popular on the various porn sites.
I have to admit that I was turned off by it the first time I heard of chicks with dicks. But some of them are damn pretty, and feminine. I wouldn't date a femboy, but some of them turn me on.
I have seen photos and videos of femboys, or t-gurls, or whatever name you prefer, and thought I would love to have sex with 'her', get blown by her, bend her over and pound that sissy ass.

I am wondering how many guys who identify as straight are turned on by femboys.
Have you ever seen a photo or video of a femboy, or sissy boy, or t-gurl and thought you would like to have sex with 'her'?

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  • I got tricked into thinking a ladyboy was a female in Bali. I went to her place for sex, but not paid sex. It was after being all the way undressed that I found she had a dick. At that point it was kind of late to run. I reluctantly stroked her, the even more reluctantly sucked her. I was hooked after that.

    I have no attraction to guys. But Asians that look one hundred percent female, but have a dick are fantastic.

  • Yes I feel the same way about shemale but they definitely have to be fully passable

  • Trannies get me so fukkin hot! The best of both worlds. I have always been straight but now I've become a cock lover thanks to the wonderful internet. Wish I had the guts to get a real trans girlfriend. Wow! mmmmm That would be such heaven. Having a partner who really loves sex. No more women for me.

  • Go to Thailand or the Philippines and get you one. Easily.

  • You know she is into anal, right? And she is as horny as you are. Plus, if you've ever thought of trying pegging, who better?

  • Never expected thinking guys fucking trannies and women fucking trannies would be hot, until I saw it. I'm straight.

  • I've just seen photos and videos, as far as I know. In the videos they have deeper voices than girls normally have. That would be a tip. I think there are trans dating sites.

  • No thanks

  • Where are these women and how do you find out she has a cock.
    There was a girl that worked in our building who was gorgeous and she was but had a cock. I would love to see the cock on this chick cause she was gorgeous and classy. How do people know how to spot them

  • Look for an adams apple.

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