My roomates grandfather

I went to my roommates house for the weekend, I am in college, female, 22 years old. She invited me as I do not have family close by at all and figured she was saving me from boredom. I was not sure at first but then thought it could be fun to do.
We got to her house and I met her mom and grandfather, much to her surprise as well her dad was not going to be home over the weekend away at some work thing. Her grandfather lives with them, he is pretty alert and with it but I guess he still forgets things like eating and taking medicine.
Saturday came and so far it had been fun talking with new people but her mother had planned on taking Lisa to get a salon treatment, I never get things like that done to me so I told them no problem at all. Go out and have some fun I will be fine here at the house, I was thinking about going for a walk anyways.
I was sitting in the living room with her grandfather and out of no where he looked right at me and asked if he could see me naked. We had been talking for a bit before that but as we watched tv we had not spoke in about five minutes. I looked at him and asked if that was all he was thinking about and why in the world would he think I would do such a thing. He told me that he had been thinking about me naked since I arrived here yesterday and he had no idea if I would do it but at his age what did he have to lose. I did appreciate his honesty and was a little turned on that he was thinking about me since the moment I arrived. I thought about it for a second then thought why not give him a thrill. I looked at him and asked where he wanted to do this at, his answer was his bedroom.
We moved into there and it was a good size room with a chair and other furniture and had an attached bathroom. He sat down in his chair and looked at me, I slid my t-shirt over my head and looked at him staring at me with a huge smile on his face. I looked down at my bra then slid down my pants next, I then turned around and asked him to undo my bra. When he accomplished that I turned around and told him he could remove it. I have D cup breasts so my bras always stay on me pressed against my chest, he slid his hands right up and cupped my breasts fondling the bra off of them. He let out an "Oh my god your absolutely beautiful." His hands caressed my skin and I was truly enjoying it as much as he was as my nipples began getting erect. I turned around again and told him to remove my panties as I bent over putting my rear end right over his knees. He pulled them downward about to my knees then I took over sliding them the rest of the way off.
His eyes were glued to me just looking at me rear end and lips. I spread my legs out a little and so that I was around his then leaned back some more. His hands went up caressing my cheeks then he spoke asking me if he could kiss me, I did not answer him but slowly leaned back until I felt his face, his tongue came out and started licking me. We stayed that way for a good five minutes with him getting me plenty turned on to say the least, I asked him if he would be more comfortable on the bed. He only asked if he could keep on licking me, I told him of course as I helped him up. He laid down on the bed face up and I got the feeling he wanted me in the same position again straddling his face. I lowered myself down to his tongue and he licked me like he was twenty. I had two wonderful orgasms while trying not to smother him, I was still straddling him when I thought about his penis and wondered if he could get hard. I started to undo his pants not knowing what I would find but as I stroked his cock and put my face closer to it I was pleasantly surprised to find him getting hard.
I stroked him for a bit then took the head into my mouth, he moaned out with pleasure as I began sucking him. He stopped licking me for a second to tell me that I really did not have to that but it felt incredible. His tongue never tired and kept diving in and circling my clit, I kept sucking on him but he never really got totally hard then I tasted his orgasm as he let out gasp after gasp. I kept on sucking him and he finally stopped licking me and said that we should probably stop and clean up before they got home. I stood up and helped him get back on his feet, he kept telling me how beautiful I was and his hands would not stop touching me. I asked him when the last time was that he had sex and he told me about fifteen years ago. I stood in front of him and asked if he wanted me to come back late in the night. He just nodded and told me to wake him up.
I set my phone to vibrate at 1:30 am, I walked thru the house in a t-shirt to his room. He was laying on his side and I could hear his breathing. I lifted my shirt over my head and dropped it on the floor. I then began climbing up on the bed hoping this would wake him up gently. I was on my hands and knees to his side gently running a hand on his shoulder when he woke up, there was enough light for him to see me and he rubbed his eyes then put his hands right on my breasts. He told me that he did not think I was going to come back but just like earlier in the afternoon he asked me to straddle his face and he licked me for at least an hour as I had orgasms all over him.

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