Husband won't give me my birthday wish

My husband is a pretty straight-laced guy with not a lot of kinks. I have several, and he is reluctant to indulge me. He asked me what I wanted for my birthday, and I told him that I wanted him and a couple of his friends to roleplay a home invasion, tie me up, and fuck me. He looked at me like I was crazy and asked if I was kidding.

I am dead fucking serious. I want that so bad.

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  • You have to do this. I did it for my gf. She said it was the most amazing, erotic and intense experience she has ever had!! He made her strip, tied her up, shoved his cock in her mouth, smacked her face with it, smacked her tits, pinched her nipples, fucked her, came in her pussy, made her clean his cock off by sucking and licking, he smacked her again with his cock and told her not good enough, made her open her mouth and he pissed in it then stuck his cock back in so she could clean it off. She said she can’t remember how many times she came but it was at least 5 time.

    I’ve done it a couple more times. Different situations. One bar and one they grabbed her off the street and did her in a van.

  • Think twice about it. Could ruin your relationship. I wanted my wife to sleep with other men. I kept at her until she did. Then she ended up leaving me for another man. She said he was more fun and interesting. It can happen at anytime why invite trouble like I did. Yep I screwed up. Shouldn't have pushed her into anything. She would get mad and ask me what's the problem isn't she enough? It back fired on me. I'm the odd man out now. My own stupid fault. I love her still and think of her everyday.

  • I would give you what you want.

  • I have 2 female coworkers who love to talk dirty. Truthfully women talk WAY worse than men do. I typically just listen to their conversations and don't chime in too much.

    Anyway, so they were talking about fantasies one day and asked what eachothers were. The one girl confesses that she would love to be double penetrated, but everyone she's ever been with wasn't interested.

    The other girl confessed that she would love to be raped. She fantasizes about a big guy kidnapping her, handcuffing her to his bed, fucking her all day, and then letting her go.

    They both looked at me and asked what my fantasy was. I told them I didn't have one, but they called bullshit and demanded I tell them. I tried to tell them something simple, like I wanted to make love to my wife on the beach, but they still called bullshit. They kept hounding me until I finally told them.. "FINE, I will tell you... I fantasize about watching my wife fuck another man". They both looked at me with an astonishing looking and said "what the fuck, really?" Hey, don't fucking judge. One of you wants a DP and the other wants to be raped.

  • Dude I had the same thing happen to me. I work with three 20 something chicks who are always talking about sex. They were on the fantasy kick one day and after they said theirs they asked me about mine. Theirs were the rape thing, group sex and someone to make a cuck out of her boyfriend. I told them mine was fucking each of them individually, as a group and mutual masturbation with them. OMG it began to happen at least weekly or multiple times per week. Lasted about two years when two of them moved out of state to go to grad school but the third chick is still there and we hook up quite regularly. She lives near me and only has her daughter every other week so on the off weeks were banging away.

  • What I can't figure out is why you're not fucking one, or both of them? I'd be jumping all over that shit!

  • Not sure why women have rape fantasies. My wife's fantasy is to be raped. She wants to be walking down the sidewalk, have a guy pull up in a van and pull her in. Then have sex with her and bring her back.

  • I am a married man, but I have the same fantasy as your wife.

  • That's exactly what I do now. I love a variety of pussy.

  • I would give you that every other week

  • So, you marry this "straight-laced guy with not a lot of kinks" and ask him to role play a home invasion including bondage with him and other guys "raping" you, and he looks at you like you're crazy ? Sad thing is, you seem surprised.

  • I'm suprised that she's suprised....

  • Perfect comment 😂

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