Wife too willing

I read this site all the time. I started to notice the confessions where guys would ask their wife's to fuck someone else started to turn me on. I began thinking about my wife having sex with someone else and everytime I did my dick would get extremely hard. I would masterbate and imagine my wife being pleasured by another person. At first I figured the fantasy would pass and I would go back to normal, but after some time, it still hadn't passed.

My wife and I were having sex one night and I was pretty horny. I asked if she wanted me to talk dirty to her, to which she said yes. Then I asked if she wanted me to tell her my fantasy, and again she said yes. I told her I wanted to watch her fuck another man. I was expecting her to become upset with me, but she didn't. Instead she asked me who I wanted her to fuck. I hadn't thought that far ahead, so I told her I wanted her to pick. Almost immediately she responded and told me who she wanted to fuck. I was kind of taken aback by how quick she responded. Still being horny I asked if she had already fucked him, but she told me she hadn't.

After we finished having sex, I asked her if she really did want to have sex with this other guy. Again she said it sounded exciting and would setup the date for this guy to come over. Again I asked if she had already had sex with him, and again she said she hadn't. I somehow keep thinking that she has slept with him just because of how willing she is to do this and how quickly she knew who it would be. I want to tell her no, but I'm sure she'll be upset.

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  • If you tell her no she will just do it behind your back if she hasn't already. If you give her the go ahead, she will jump into bed with him right away. You have boxed yourself into a corner. Your damned if you do and damned if you don't. You are right , she jumped at the idea of her screwing some guy, a guy she already knows to fast. My guess is she is not truthful with you, she is probably screwing him as we speak.

  • My wife loves her situation, and I do to. Before our arrangement my wife was 36, chubby, frumpy, bored, and never horny. I wanted out. Then we talked. We agreed that she should go out more, and have fun. She started going out on Wednesday nights for drinks or dancing, then it turned to dancing with guys, making out, and eventually a one night stand or giving a bj after the club. She didn’t like the feeling of guilt and feeling unsafe with random guys. I talked her into maybe dating a guy for casual sex and fun. That was 4 years ago, now she goes out on Friday and Wednesday nights. She lost weight, got a boob job, dresses slutty, and we have amazing sex where anything goes. She has flings, “boyfriends” she dates and sometimes has her heart broken and she breaks hearts too. When she leaves I watch her get dolled up, she leaves, and comes home tipsy, used and horny. Every once in a while, she will text me to get out of sight and she brings a guy home and they have sex in our bed. Her bikini area is always bare now, her body is tight, she dresses sexy and she is now into every sex act I can think of. Best move we’ve made.

  • Every year, twice a year for a week at a time, we swap with another couple. The couple has been our friends for years, for that week we pretend to be each other’s spouses, with the agreement of protection. Sorry to say but I like it raw, so Bruce doesn’t have to wear a condom. But this took time, at least 10yrs in the making, and our kids are older now, but I’m only in my 30’s

  • My husband and I have a similar swaping arrangement. Only difference being we don't use protection if any kind, and we swap four times a year. Our swaps are usually for a couple weeks at a time. Twice a year we swap husbands, and twice a year our husbands go off together, and us girls go off together.

  • After watching my wife with another man I never saw her the same again. She’s just not special.

  • You opened pandoras box

  • Explain please as I'm interested in the after effects if me and my wife tried this?

  • He pussied out after the deed was done and now regrets it

  • My wife has a lover, it's an older guy that lives in the next apartment, he is on his own and has noone in the world to look after him so we really treat him as part of our family, he even often takes my wife away for holidays and always buys her plenty of cloths and anything she wants he also bought me a new SUV, he owns quite a few properties and is obviously rich so I am sure this situation will pay off extremely well in the long run. My wife always tell's him how great he is in bed and treats him like the worlds best fucker although he has to use viagra, she often sleeps over with him and does his washing, ironing and cleaning.

  • If it's only one nice guy, let it happen, I have had a nice young stud from work for eighteen months now when he comes over my husband goes and see's his mother and stays there overnight, my husband loves anal and blowjobs so my vagina is reserved for Greg although I do give him blowjobs and hand jobs he is not allowed into my bum, it is just the greatest set up with no worry of being caught, my husband does not want to watch but I have showed him a couple of video's and he got quite horny.

  • I think your both wonderful but I am sure your husband has the best side of the deal anal is our most favourite, as far as vaginal goes we probably only do it twice a year, we really love doggie it gives me a feeling of dominance

  • Great wife, love it

  • Of course you can tell her you had a change of heart. Her being upset and getting over it is way better than swinging that door wide open you can't ever close again.

  • You need to add the stipulation that if she fucks another guy, that you get to fuck another girl. Keep it fair and balanced, otherwise it won't end well in the long run.

  • Start incorporating this into role play. Start talking about the other guy. Say thing like you know how hot she thinks he is, how she imagines him to be very experienced and very, very good in the sack, and that you know how much she would love to take him onboard. As she gets into this and it makes her really hot, switch roles so that you become the about to be cheated on hubby. Play this so that you're looking for 'advice' on what to do. Example, say stuff like...

    'My wife is set to take a stud. She knows he's really good; she means to ride his big dick like crazy! The way she talks makes it sound so good even I want it! She knows it gets me very horny and submissive, like I'm SUPPOSED step aside for it to happen! She knows she has all the power and I can't do a thing to stop it! She MAKES me admit all this to her! That gets me too worked up to resist!'

    Then you ask her to tell you what you're supposed to do. As she does, get extremely horny. Show her that this really is your fantasy, really is how you feel, really is the truth! Let your wife see that when you use this fantasy, the sex for both of you really, really is that much improved!

    Next, pretend to be this other guy. Tell her that she knows that sex is so much better with 'you' than with her hubby. Tell her that her hubby totally envies what 'you' can do with your dick. Tell her that it even makes her hubby 'horny,' that he [you] can't stop it, and even WANT it to happen!

    Do this soon. Then report back.

  • One more thing. You can't 'back out' now. Now that you've shared your fantasy -- and ESPECIALLY since she's agreed to act on it -- if you try to 'turn off the beast' now, she'll lost every shred of respect she has for you.

    She really is in charge now. Enjoy the ride.

  • You should pick the guy, not her. Maybe a friend of yours or something. Who is this other guy? Someone from her work? An acquaintance from the past? It sounds like she is way too eager and has fucked this guy for sure before. Now she's just happy that she can do it in front of you and not keep it a secret.

  • Nice story do you think you would chicken out?
    next time you make love to your wife ask her what she would like her lover to do to her and let us know
    Please keep s informed of what happenes.

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