A wild night in Cuba

Lol what a week! Put it this way...my wife and I met up with about six other people and decided to go in town to party one night in Cuba. We all crammed into one taxi and me laying across everyone in the back seat. There was two guys who were doctors who were friends and they had their female friend with them, one was gay for sure but while I was across everyone in the back seat they kept slapping my ass, we were all drinking heavily lol then once at the bar I went to use the washroom and the two guys followed me in, they grabbed my crotch so that was my sign... we took out our cocks and started to jo in front of each other, it was hot really! They both had really nice cocks. It was my first time every with two cocks so we rubbed our cocks together and we all became very hard and excited. The gay guy jumped down and started sucking two cocks and the same time it was super hot then we all took turns to try. One guy said that this was his first time and we all enjoyed it. No one blew a load until we all stood up and jo till we came together. The rest of the night was a lot of secret cock grabbing here and there.
When we were partying during the night here and there one of the guys would come up to me and grab my nuts secretly while there was people around but he was very discreet, it was fun to explore the mm side of flirting if that’s what you want to call it, this went on all night then I think it was two times that the three of us would run into each other in the men’s washroom and we would play and rub our cocks together and suck...one of them, the one with the nicest cock said that he wanted to fuck me lol they also kissed each other then tried to kiss me too... I get hard thinking of that night seems like it went on forever as we kept partying. I never tried anal but it is on my list someday but I think I’d rather be bottom bs a top if it ever happened.

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  • My friend says he saw Fidel sucking a large black cock one night while he was in Cuba. I think he was referring to himself. He has a very large black cock. I know he was telling the truth cause he went back a couple times a year and he always said good things about Fidel after that.

  • What was your wife doing during all this? Does she know?

  • Yes she knows that I have explored in the past. She is very supportive of being bi as we both are.

  • You are one lucky guy to have a wife like that

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