Lock down about the tatters the common tatters

Its like some people out there in lala land want to make the lockdown covid time about them. People still trying to make themselves look relevant when they are no longer that important. Like, Blood on the dance floor and the people who want to tell a camera there story. There are other ways of telling it that most normal people do. Rather then give free promotion to this band or weirdos. Jeffree Star is not that relevant even if he thinks his millions and fake life make him seem relevant or real. And I am just so sick of youtubers with big egos just cuz they have a platform. Someone really made a mistake allowing just so many to have a voice in the first place regardless of dahvie vanity crapo. No, I don't really feel sorry for his victims because they got what they came for I think. At least that is what people say to me about any abuse I been suffering so if its good enough for me to shut up its good enough for them to all shut up. I am sure no one would buy that trash and its so old made new again by slutslanders and even if true people who are victims have to own up to their part of what they did and what they allowed to happen to them so I was told and take rightful responsibility and stop looking for a sympathetic world. I notice so many of the victims feel the need to explain why and no one is more sympathetic towards but themselves. when in all fact, you got what you came for even if unconsciously and you liked the lyrics long before you met the person. you loved their trashy satanic images before you spoke to them so what did you expect a flaming tea party with real standards? no. it was not a stamp collectors convention. I personally find jeffree star calling every one bitch all the time offensive and rude and violent and abusive towards women and the truth be told I bet he fucking raped dv or they were bum chums hence the asshole performances and showing ass that looks so trashy and js can not escape all he did in his 20s with twill words because it is what it is. It was just as illegal then as it all is now. Its still an offence to swear in public , really! also to expose your privates is still an illegal offence. still an offence to ChildsSplay as well. and you know what I mean when I say that as them diddlers.
But hey, they are all childsSplay ok, for real. I am so over the way these people are just churning out old stuff for a unpredictable purpose because mouthing on media is not the right way to convict someone. its helped me to hear some stories but these conversations have been going on for a long time now on youtube and around the net. How long do we have to hear this song about it all? when will it stop? I was never a fan. Nothing can excuse the parents who failed their children and allowed them to listen and go to this trash satanic groups anyway. Even if the dude is a diddy-kid-diddler and that is wrong but I don't know what to think cuz I think they are all in it for the stardom. That is why the victims are on media and talking to camera's non-stop like pathetics for the glory and fame of it or bordem but this stuff has been going on now for more then 10 years. They are more famous now then band days due to this constant talk and that is only feeding the monsters here, because can I just say this as a recovering victim. perpetrators are monsters but in their own way so are victims who don't get on with their life and have identty outside of their abuse. who don't get the right help and who want to be a pin up getting facetime for victimhood and piety quality. when they are just human and it doesn't matter what anyone on youtube or the net thinks . it only matters what a judge and jury think and let me tell you, the victims will not have a great day in court at all. there are no winners in childsSplay outing and abuse clouting and putting on youtube and other pages is just feeding the monsters. My guess is victims want face time to promote their careers and brand "self" for something and they know no other way of life but to mouth off into that fucking camera like a hot turd shot out of the poo hole to the toilet bowl. And they will be gone as soon because victims never get right justice financially or anything. epstein lot didn't and others as well. facing a criminal in a court room will not lift your day even for them to go to jail or be murdered. it will just add another layer for the victimhood and abuse cycles on to the mouth face timers who want glory for being abused. reliving the horror over and over every time you tell your story will not really help you but finding the right type of counsellor who will listen will. I notice all these people who are victims wanting to justify their ruthless silly childish behaviour over and over you don't need to. you don't need to address any issues or justify yourself to anyone. the more you talk about it the more you feed the monsters in your head and around who are spectators to it. complete removal is the best thing that can happen to all these people. I sick of beauty drama channels feeding off like monsters thinking they are so important. all the covid drama and let me tell you it will not help you for strangers to come up to victims who talk to cameras to say "I am sorry that happened to you" no they are not sorry at all. it won't help you for someone to say "I always felt that he was strange, you did good slaughter daughter" You showed him. Your gonna show em all for all us victims of csa of the world you be our next whats she called teal swan poster girl for the victimhood sisterhood. no it won't help. I have never had anyone say something good to me about anything I have said about my own abuse and I am often told shut up about. stop thinking and reliving it and not talk about it is the way to heal. so why do all these people want money for victim statements and face time on silly camera. what if no one watched at all. and no one cared so long as you know and cares is all that matter. let me know when victims get a nice brand new mansion or millions in the bank for me and then I might feel different but I can't see how all this is really helping anyone at all. reliving your past won't help you at all. no winners in child rants and court cases. sadly. no winners at all in any sexual case. that is fact. its not being soft on the crime or person or bullying victims. there is just a nothing feeling for all you been suffering no day in court would help but money. a lot of therapist now say don't try to justify child bad behaviour cuz all it does is give child accuses to act out and gives them vocabulary to run to and this is all that generation is about. talking about themselves and getting praise more then any other generation on this earth. these scene kids are like zombies and all they want is to be seen literally like they are more special then victims of rape and violence in different situations just as harmful. I really hope that generation of kids gets a lesson to them for being so spoiled and selfish and constantly being getting all they want as soon as they want it like no one else matters.


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